Friday, January 23, 2015

10 Tips for a HEALTHY Weekend

So it's Friday and you've been working so hard all week to follow your healthy eating habits, find time to workout and have been drinking your H2O!  Woo hoo!!  You're feeling fantastic and are ready to reward yourself with a rest day, some cheat meals and some fun with your friends!!

While there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with that (I actually recommend doing all of the above), most of us tend to back track on the weekends and completely undo all of our hard work that we put in over the week!  So to avoid doing just that, I've put together my list of 10 TIPS for a HEALTHY WEEKEND:

1.  Make sure to workout on FRIDAY (maybe even push yourself a little harder than you have the rest of week) If you know you're going out after work, maybe wake up early and fit in your workout that morning.  Making time for that weekend kick-off workout will make you feel productive, happy (endorphins!!) and you'll be less likely to go completely overboard the rest of the weekend.  

2. Avoid going overboard on the DRINKS!  While alcohol is one of the main beverages that I'm referring to, it's not the ONLY one!  People are much more likely to go for the sodas, sugary juices and sweetened teas (I'm totally guilty of this one...but it's SO GOOD!), when they're out and about on the weekends.  If you're out at a restaurant or gathering, enjoy your drink of choice, but be sure not to overdo it.  Switch to water or alternate to water between drinks so that you're consuming less sugar, alcohol, caffeine or whatever it is that you tend to indulge on.

3. Try to find a friend to hold you accountable.  Accountability is KEY! If you know you're going out with a bunch of friends and there's going to be peer pressure, at least you and your friend will have each other to team up together and stick to your guns! (if you need accountability partners, I've got a whole group of them and you're more than welcome to join us in our private facebook group!)  

4. Get Outdoors!  Most of us have been cooped up in an office all week, sitting at a desk and just going outside, enjoying the sunlight, getting in that extra vitamin D and taking in some fresh air can help us to feel happier and make healthier choices. 

5. Pack a bag with some healthy snacks to bring along in your car with you when you're busy and on-the-go during the weekend.  Many of us tend to be busy with activities, don't plan ahead and are "stuck" with grabbing fast food or unhealthy convenience store snacks on the road.  I personally love the convenience of my Shakeology packets that I can toss in my purse and mix up whenever I need a super-healthy, filling meal on-the-go!  (I even get in all my daily vitamins! Win-win!)

6.  Make a deal with yourself on Friday morning:  "I can have 1 (or 2) indulgences this weekend, but for each unhealthy choice that I make after that, I will add an extra 10 minutes of exercise each day, next week.  That way, you'll think twice about that second helping of cake or that chocolate dipped, sprinkle-covered doughnut from Dunkin' on Sunday morning after church.

7.  Or, rather than "punishing" yourself for over-indulging on those cheat meals, REWARD YOURSELF for sticking to your guns and making healthy choices over the weekend.  
For example, if you know the last weekend that you went out with your friends, you drank way too many alcoholic beverages or went crazy on the Starbuck's coffees (I know... I used to be obsessed with the White Chocolate Mocha---until I found out it had almost 600 calories and 75 GRAMS of SUGAR in just one drink!), then go into the weekend and tell yourself that "If I don't eat/drink ________ this weekend, then I will reward myself with _______."  You could reward yourself with some new workout gear, a new cute water bottle, that new workout program you've been seeing infomercials for, a new pair of running shoes... or maybe just something small that you've been wanting but haven't found time to get yourself".  The choice is yours, but make it worth it, because if it's not something enticing, then you'll be much more likely to just say screw it and choose the indulgence instead!

8. Keep a picture or reminder of your GOAL that you're working towards somewhere where you'll be reminded and can see it over the weekend.  Put that picture of your "dream body" that you're working towards as the screesaver or background on your phone.  Have an alarm go off everyday at a certain time that reminds you of your goal (ex: LOSE 10 LBS BY BIKINI SEASON!)  Or cut out and keep a picture of that Victoria's Secret swimsuit that you saw in the catalog and put it in your wallet so every time you go to pay for something (aka out to eat), you'll be reminded of your goals! 

9.  When you do get to enjoy a cheat meal... really ENJOY it!! Savor every little bite!!  Don't scarf it down as fast as you can, leaving you wanting more!  Take small bites, let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds and know that you DESERVE that cheat meal and you worked hard for it.  Don't feel guilty. 

10.  Stay hydrated!  I know... it wouldn't be a *HEALTHY TIPS* list without the big H.2.O!!!  Our bodies are made up of mostly water (isn't it some 70+% water or something crazy?)  I don't see how that's even possible, but I suppose I believe it!   Most of us are constantly dehydrated, so make sure that you're filling up your water bottle and drinking at least HALF your body weight in ounces of water per day! (for example, if you're 140 lbs, you should aim to drink at least 70 ounces of water per day!)


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