Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Best Workout for Busy Moms

Want to see what the Focus T25 workouts are all about?  If you're a busy mom, like myself, then chances are you don't have much time to get in a workout everyday!! This workout has seriously changed my life and I LOVE IT!  I've sped it up a bit so you can watch an entire 25 minute workout in just 3 minutes!

If you're interested in trying it out and want to know how to save some money, try Shakeology and have me as your FREE coach, then be sure to apply here to reserve a spot in my next online support and accountability challenge group so that I can help make sure that you reach your health & fitness goals (whether it be weight loss, toning up, staying fit or just making time for yourself to stay fit & healthy)

Feel free to reach out to me or add me as your free coach today and get amazing health & fitness resources by becoming a FREE TEAM BEACHBODY MEMBER:

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Looking for Women & Moms who want to Lose Weight, Get In Shape & Live Healthy!

I DEFINITELY didn't eat well this past weekend. How many people can relate? 

I think it's because part of me knew that come tomorrow, I'm going full-throttle back into my "operation get pre-baby body back!". (for those of you who don't know me... I just had my 4th baby, 6 weeks ago!) 

Not to mention, I'm starting my 7 day Shakeology and CLEAN EATING Challenge today, where I'm going to have to be the role model and set the example for the 20 people participating in our group!

Not to mention, I'm getting a head start on my Focus T25 workouts before my Fall Fitness Challenge group starts up after labor day!!! If the list below sounds like you, then message me for details and I'll help make sure that we get you a spot in my group and have you set and ready to go on September 2nd if you decide to make the commitment to yourself!!

Are YOU...

*Determined to either lose some weight, tone/tighten up or just get fit
*Trying to start eating healthier and learn to meal plan
*In need of more energy
*Too busy to go to the gym everyday
*In need of a group of supportive women who are in the same boat as you to help motivate you and keep you on track so that you don't throw in the towel and call it quits before you reach your goals?...

If this sounds like you, then this could be exactly what you've been waiting for to finally stop making excuses and put yourself and your health as a top priority while still having plenty of time for your kids, work, pets... or whatever else it is that takes up most of your time.

Let me know ASAP if you're interested, as these groups tend to fill up rather quickly and my next one probably won't start up until October.  Or you can fill out the application so that we can chat about your goals, find you a program that will work for you and get your spot reserved in my group!  :)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Losing the Baby Weight Can be Tough, But With my Online Support & Accountability Groups, We Can Help Each Other Get Healthy & Fit Together!

Whether it's baby weight that you want to lose, or whether you just want to get rid of some extra pounds, tone and tighten up, or just learn how to live a healthier lifestyle... this challenge group could HELP YOU! (read more below to find out how, exactly these online support and accountability groups work:)

Yay! Only 3 weeks until the doctor's hopefully clear me and give me the "go-ahead" to WORKOUT again! Now, some of you may be wondering... "what the heck is this chick on?... who actually looks FORWARD to working out?"  Well, believe me, if I heard myself saying this a few years ago... I wouldn't believe it either! Even though I was always active in sports when I was younger, once I started having kids, I kind of put my own health and physical activities on the back burner for a while. That's just what us mom's do... we have kids and our lives seem to start revolving around these little humans who suck every little bit of energy we have, right out of us! 

Who knew that deciding to start working out for just 25 minutes a day would actually give me MORE energy to play with my kids and be the fun, energetic mom that I had always wished I could be! Most of us would think that working out would just drain the tiny bit of energy we have left, right out of us... but it couldn't be further from the truth! It's actually the complete opposite, believe it or not! Then I added drinking my daily Shakeology on top of the workouts and it was like redbull for the health-conscious mom with a dose of veggies, vitamins, a boost to my metabolism and no mid-afternoon CRASH!

Okay, so back to where I was originally trying to go with this post... Since I've got 3 weeks until post baby body workouts begin, I've decided to follow the 21 Day Fix meal plans until then (since the program is exactly 3 weeks long).  Then I'm either going with my original love (T25 with my fav trainer: SHAUN T) or I may decide to go *BEAST MODE* so I can start a program that I think my hubby would really enjoy doing with me, since he's more into weight training.  

Now this is where YOU come in! Yes, YOU! If you've read to this point, then I know you want to join me! Since workout programs require discipline, commitment and support, I've decided that between now and August 6th, I'll be accepting people who want to join me on my journey to get my body back where I want it! We can help keep each other motivated and accountable so we don't give up and throw in the towel halfway through!! (or one week in, like most people do when they don't have a support group to help cheer them on!)

So WHOSE WITH ME?  Everything is done from your own house, on your own time and the support group is all done online! So, no excuses! This is perfect if you're bound and determined to lose weight, or just get toned and start living a healthier, happier lifestyle! Be sure to message me if you're interested in reserving a spot! I try to keep them to a minimum so I can really focus on helping each of you achieve your goals!


Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Lose the Baby Weight FAST! My Progress at 3 Weeks Postpartum with Baby #4!

I've been going back and forth on whether or not to share pics of my post baby body at almost 3 weeks postpartum. The message that I want to send is that by staying active, eating healthy and just living a healthy lifestyle while you're pregnant, can make it much easier to get back to your pre baby body afterwards. This was my GO-TO program during my pregnancy this time around, just in case you're curious!

While I'm not close to where I hope to be in a few months, muscle-wise, I can say that I am feeling great and have gained the confidence throughout this journey, to rock a bikini already...whether I'm at my goal weight and size or not! And this is just MY own personal journey and story and by no means am I saying that everyone should be able to bounce right back after a baby...because everyone is unique and has their own personal time frames that are best for them to get back in shape after giving birth! I'm still pretty sore from my c-section and just the thought of a sit-up at this time, is painful! But this is where continued clean eating and breastfeeding can work wonders!

I just want to motivate and inspire those of you who think that it's impossible to get back in shape or get in even better shape than you may have been in, pre baby! It takes self-discipline, motivation, commitment, support and hard-work...but it's so worth it in the long run!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Lose Weight and Get Healthy with my 10 Day Shakeology Challenge


These 10 Day Shakeology Challenges allow you to try the different product flavors before you commit to a 30 day bag or box of your own.
We replace one meal a day with Shakeology and fill the rest of our day with healthy meals and snacks. Participants are given three meal plan packets full of great low-calorie meals and snacks that the whole family will enjoy. You receive one-on-one coaching (both during and after the challenge) and access to our private support group on Facebook for 24/7 motivation and support.
Our challenge is not about deprivation – I encourage you to eat 5-6 times a day and you will never feel hungry. I also encourage you to exercise at least 30 minutes a day 8 out of 10 days of our challenge (or more). These 10 days are based on setting up healthy habits for yourself for the rest of your life, whether you continue with Shakeology or not. I will post quick, short workouts in the online group, but I also encourage finding time to walk, jog or find another workout to stay active.  I also run 21, 30, 60 & 90 day Challenge Groups for those who are ready to commit to a regular workout program as well.
On average, participants can lose anywhere from 2 to 15 pounds during the 10 days (size and prior diet/activity level depending).
To participate, you must purchase Shakeology through me or one of the coaches on my team. For this challenge, the cost is $55.00 ($5.00/packet for 10 packets of Shakeology + $5.00 priority shipping with tracking). The 10 Day Challenge Package contains every flavor of Shakeology so that you have the opportunity to try them all out.  (2 strawberry, 2 vanilla, 2 chocolate, 2 greenberry, 1 vegan chocolate and 1 vegan tropical strawberry).  If you would like to make your own combination of flavors, you can contact me directly and I can definitely personalize your 10 sample flavors the way that you would like (as long as I have enough of each flavor that you'd like to try). 

This is an awesome opportunity because I will be providing you with everything you'll need for the 10 Days:

✅10 Shakeology Samples to replace 1 meal a day with (you'll get to try ALL the flavors too)
✅Grocery List
✅Healthy Recipes
✅Health & Fitness Tracking Sheets to document your progress and stay on track
✅A private online support group
If you would like to continue with Shakeology after our 10 days, the cost of a 30 day bag/box of Shakeology is $129.95. However, we can talk about how you can get your monthly supply 25% off for only $98.00 and save 25% off all Beachbody merchandise (programs, supplements, equipment, etc.).
Business opportunities are also available for those who are looking for part-time or full-time income from home. No education is necessary, I give you all the training you need – you just need to be willing to set a healthy example for others and be willing to help and motivate customers assigned to you. You can read more here and contact me at or fill out the form on that page if you’d like to discuss this in more detail.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

10 Day Shakeology Challenge!

Okay guys!!! So with the weekend coming to an end, summer officially being here and my free summer challenge ending, I decided I wanted to kick things up a notch for this next challenge! 

I am looking for 5-10 people who may not be ready to commit to a full on workout program quite yet, but are ready to take a step in the right direction by learning healthier eating habits, fitting in just 5 minutes of working out a day (with a couple of bonus fit challenges if you have the time) and experiencing the amazing benefits of Shakeology for 10 DAYS!

This is an awesome opportunity because I will be providing you with everything you'll need for the 10 Days:

✅10 Shakeology Samples to replace 1 meal a day with (you'll get to try ALL the flavors too)
✅Grocery List
✅Healthy Recipes
✅Health & Fitness Tracking Sheets to document your progress and stay on track
✅A private online support group
✅The chance to win a nice *PRIZE* at the end of the 10 Days!

This is an amazing opportunity, so if you're interested message me ASAP! I've only got enough samples for 5-10 people, so first-come first-serve! Let the race begin!! (Email me at or friend me on facebook and shoot me a message on there to join the group!)

Does Shakeology Really Work? How Much Weight Can I Lose By Drinking It? What Are Some of the Other Benefits of Shakeology? All Your Questions Answered and MORE, HERE:

((((Scroll to the bottom to see the quick video of the clinical trial results and expected weight loss amounts)))

Whether you're trying to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, gain energy and boost your metabolism or just curb your cravings for junk... I can promise you that Shakeology truly works! I can say that with so much confidence because I've been drinking it for almost a year now and have noticed such a tremendous difference in my health in that time. As a super-busy mom of 3 (almost 4), I need all the energy that I can get... not to mention, I need to make sure that I'm nourishing my body, not just for myself, but for my baby as well and Shakeology has all of the vitamins and minerals (plus some!) of a multivitamin.

The biggest excuse that I tend to get from people who are really interested in living a healthier lifestyle and want to try Shakeology and experience the amazing benefits that it can provide for you is -- it's too expensive.  Well people, I understand how you may thing that, because believe it or not, I felt the same way before actually giving it a try and experiencing it for myself. And I'm going to be up front and honest with you right now---

Yes, it seems like a nice chunk of change when you're dishing out $100 for a big bag of "powder" (I can help you get the coach discount if you're interested), but guess what?  That bag includes 30 MEALS worth of food in it.  So let's do the math here... with my 25% coach discount that Beachbody gives me, plus taxes and just $2 shipping, I'm paying about $3.67 per meal.  And this meal includes my daily multivitamins (no more buying vitamins for this girl), over 76 super food ingredients that can only be found across the world, the whey protein that I need to help me tone up and stay lean and it's super quick and easy for on-the-go, which is what I need as a busy momma!

So paying just $3.67 for a meal each day... I'm SAVING MONEY on food. Even when I used to go out and get my quick fast-food fix on busy days with the kids, I spent more than that on a #3 meal with a large sweet tea from McDonalds.  Or you know that Starbucks Latte that you just have to have every morning?... how much are you paying for that?? Why not try a Shakeology Recipe (Mocha Chiller) and get your caffeine fix, breakfast, energy that will last you much longer than that sugary latte, keep you full for hours and save you some money!?

And now this is when the shocker comes in... where you will probably think I'm just pulling your leg, but I'm not!  What if I told you that I don't actually pay for my Shakeology every month?  What if I told you that I actually get PAID to drink Shakeology?!  Well, in a sense... I DO!  I am a Beachbody Coach and my job is to help people change their lifestyle. I help people (at no cost to them), who are interested in trying one of those amazing Beachbody Programs that you see on those informercials (Insanity, P90X, The 21 Day Fix, T25... there are tons!)

I add them to my private online support and accountability challenge groups, keep up with them, help them get through their program from START to FINISH and see the results that they wish to get from them! I try to make my challenge groups fun and engaging and give my hard working challengers awesome prizes and it's amazing to see how supportive everyone is for one another!!

So how do I make money if I'm a FREE coach, you ask?  Well, Beachbody gives me 25% commission when someone decides to commit to a program and purchase it through my site.  Most of these people were interested in the programs already because they had seen it on tv or heard about their friends doing it, so really... Beachbody is just giving away a portion of their cut to me for simply helping someone figure out which program would actually be the best fit for them and their personal goals, helping them put in their order and then it's up to me to help them succeed in my challenge group and lose the weight, tone up, get fit or just stay in shape... depending on the individual.

I absolutely love what I do and have already seen such amazing transformations and life-changing stories from many of my participants in challenge groups.  My challengers inspire me daily and make me so proud to have found out about this Beachbody Coaching opportunity!! It has been so rewarding for me and for them as well!  I am always keeping a look out for other people who I think would be amazing coaches and enjoy working from home and helping others reach their goals as well, so if this sounds like something you'd want to learn a little more about, please don't hesitate to contact me either via email ( or you can always fill out this coach application form and I will contact you with more details asap.  :)

So I hope this has been informative for you and the super quick video below has some great information about the clinical studies done on Shakeology and how it could benefit you and your health: