Sunday, March 6, 2011

Colored shoes with your wedding gown. A Tacky or Fashionable Trend?
So I found the wedding gown of my dreams!  The order is in and the dress will be here by next month.  Ahhh... the excitement!  It is beautiful.  You know how they say, "when you try on the one, you just know it?  Well that's so true! I found the dress.  It was a little over budget, but when my mom saw the gleam in my eye and the smile on my face while I gazed at myself in the mirror, she couldn't say no.  I knew it was the one when I realized I had been standing in front of the mirror for almost 10 minutes.  I had no intentions of taking it off.  

With the dress ordered and paid for, my next task is to find the shoes.  While the shoes aren't nearly as important, I want to be sure that I get a pair that compliments the dress, but that's also comfortable for a long day on my feet (not to mention I will be dancing the night away).  I've also noticed a trend on colored wedding shoes.  It sounds crazy, but when I saw pictures, I absolutely fell in love with the idea.  I've even heard of using the shoes as your "something blue".  What a cute idea.  Or being the girly-girl, pink fanatic that I am, I could choose pink dresses for the bridesmaids and have my shoes coordinate with their dresses and tie it all into my color theme.  

Although, I feel like this concept will only appear fashionable, rather than tacky, if your dress is more of a simple chic style.  My particular dress has so much detail, that colored shoes would make it way too busy.  I don't want the shoes to clash or take away from my dress.  So I think it's safe to say that if the dress is simple, then you can get more creative with the shoes.  But if the dress is busy already, then it's probably safer to go with a more plain, yet elegant shoe.  

What are your thoughts on the new trend of wearing colored shoes with your wedding gown?  Is it just plain tacky or a fashionable revolution in wedding tradition?
{Photo Credits: Bride with Yellow Shoes by Jose Villa, Bride with Red Shoes by TheKnot, Bride with Blue Shoes by Leigh Taylor, Bride with Purple Shoes by Bristol Wedding Photography}

*I decided to add this to the end of this post since I did choose to wear pink shoes on my wedding day! What do you think? I got tons of compliments and absolutely recommend getting creative with your shoe choice for your wedding day! Here you can get a little peek at the pink pumps I rocked on my big day:


  1. Maybe I can jumpstart the comments. As we discussed, I think it's all about personal style. I love the thought of colored wedding shoes. Rocking the pink is a GREAT idea. Plus, you know it will make an awesome wedding photo. You and all the BMaids showing some leg with your matching shoes. Would be super cute, especially if they do one of the color removal pics. So it's all black and white other than the shoes.

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  3. I am getting married February 11, 2012, and I am dead set on having Navy Blue heals under my traditional white wedding gown. I am known for always having fun with different color heals in my day to day life, so why not have fun with it on my wedding day! The only thing that is standing in my way is my mom and aunt, they both think it is a horrific, tacky idea and that if I have a white gown, my shoes MUST be white. I don't want to make them mad, but it's my day - blue shoes it will be!

  4. You go girl! I think it's such a fabulous idea! My mom wasn't crazy about it at first either, but after showing her pictures of the colored shoes with the white gown, she totally thinks it's very "me". Even if she didn't change her opinion, I think I'd definitely still do it. I'm even considering wearing more than just 1 pair of shoes the whole day. Some people switch dresses for the reception, I'll switch shoes! :) Congrats on the wedding by the way! :) And good luck with the planning! It can get pretty crazy, believe me, I know! hehe