Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Lose Weight And Get Bikini Ready the Healthy Way!

When I started my journey to a healthier version of me, it wasn't that I was necessarily way overweight, I was just UNHEALTHY! You probably wouldn't know it just from simply looking at me, but my body was taking a beating. I was so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else (especially my children), that I put all of my own needs on the back burner. We tried doing the whole gym membership thing, but with multiple kids, it was exhausting just packing them all up, signing them into childcare and then the whole time I was working out, I felt guilty and was worried about how my kids were doing (because half the time, my son was crying and reaching for me as I dropped him off and said "PEACE OUT"... this mama's time!!)

Now, I get to do my workouts from the comfort of my own home and my children are actually able to watch, learn and look up to me as a role model when they see me putting my health and fitness as a priority! The fact that some days THEY are the ones that motivate me and remind me to 'PUSH PLAY' on my workouts, brings a huge smile and sense of accomplishment to my heart! I'm not just doing this for ME, I'm doing it just as much FOR THEM! heart emoticon

Right now, I am paying it forward and helping other women and mom's get started NOW, & they are SO PROUD of themselves!

I'm opening up my next Challenge Group in about 2 weeks!
We START on March 2nd ... So you have PLENTY of time to decide OR re-arrange some $ in your budget.

If you have some stubborn areas, baby weight or just want to lose some weight and tone it up with spring right around the corner, then this group is for you!

Just a heads up:

1. You have to INVEST in yourself and at least meet me halfway! If you are not going to commit to a healthier meal plan then don't waste your money.

2. I'm only selecting 15 ladies TOTAL! I like to get to KNOW my challengers and really be available to HELP them one on one!

3. If you don't already have a Beachbody fitness program (P90X, Insanity, T25, 21 Day Fix) you have to invest in a program/shakeology and while I wish it was's not. {$140-$200 which includes a fitness program, online coaching, and a month supply of one meal/day you'll replace}

4. The Challenge is 21+ days and if you stay committed, we will talk about the next step!

To be considered for the challenge go to: or fill out the form below:

Monday, February 2, 2015

Try the brand new 21 Day Fix Extreme!

Oh my GOSH!!! I'm so freaking excited! For those of you who know me, you know how much I LOVE the original 21 Day Fix program and all the the incredible transformations that my challengers have had with it!  It's the first program to incorporate the portion control containers and clean eating grocery lists, recipe guides, meal planning tips AND the chance to try Shakeology all into one program!!  And just 30 minutes of exercise a day to get such amazing results just seems crazy, but it really works and that's why it's been such a huge success!!

Now, if you are interested in kicking it up a notch (in the health department as well as fitness...), the 21 Day Fix EXTREME launch is officially HERE!!! Since I am a Coach with Beachbody, you can try this program before it's available to anyone else through the informercials and websites.  I will be looking for people who want to make a lifestyle change and take just 21 days to transform their health and fitness!! This is only for those who are disciplined, dedicated and ready to see dramatic changes in the next 21 days!!

Below is a quick video and more information about the program as well as an application to apply for my first official 21 Day Fix Extreme Test Group!!! You will not want to miss out on this group, I promise!! Who knows... you could be featured on the next infomercial if you buckle down and give it your all for just 21 day!! Who is ready to do this with me??? 


  So who is this program for?

1.  People who want a dramatic short term weight loss solution for a big event like a vacation, wedding, photo shoot ect....

2.  21 Day Fix Graduates or individuals who have completed programs like P90X, P90X3, Insanity Max30, T25, Turbofire, Asylum, Chalean Extreme.

3.  People who do not have a lot of weight to lose that are dedicated, committed to following the nutrition plan and have a no BS attitude.  There are no excuses, if you want the results its time to dig a little deeper and get them!  The biggest key to this program is the nutrition plan!  Having that will power to say no to the treats!  The great part is that you are not on this journey alone.  My job is to have you in my closed online support and accountability group and coach you through the entire program from beginning to end.  My goal is to make sure that you do in fact get the very best results possible.  I will provide daily accountability, tips, recipes, and we will cheer each other on and help each other stay focused when life gets in the way! Accountability was definitely the secret sauce for me!!!

4.  This program is also for people who don't want to count calories or macros. Its based on a simple and easy to follow portion controlled container system that gives you a very specific list of foods and ways to prep and prepare your meals.