Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FREE Online Fitness Challenge: Guns, Buns & Abs Spooktacular

I'm doing a FREE Guns, Buns & Abs Fitness Challenge on FACEBOOK: (JOIN HERE!) 

Invite your friends, do the daily workouts, check in with us once you've completed it and have a little friendly competition along the way! I'll be sharing some of my best tips, tricks and secrets on how to get and stay fit & healthy!! 

Become an "Official October Free Fitness Challenger" and be eligible for a prize drawing at the end of the challenge by signing up here


Crunches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvf7WNYIksg

Plank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHvSGdCIZyQ

Lunges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlots37xVL8

Squats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lg3b-I-qSQ

Frog Jumps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvTeWVyJKNE

Mountain Climbers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmwgirgXLYM

Bicycle Crunches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FGilxCbdz8

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lose Up To 15 Pounds By Halloween!

If I provided you with the tools to lose up to 15 pounds by Halloween, would you be open to giving it a try? And better yet, if you aren't satisfied with your results by the end of it, you can get every single penny back!

My October Health & Fitness Accountability Group will begin on OCTOBER 6th!! (APPLY HERE and I will reserve a spot and contact you with more INFO!)

If you want to get a head start on staying fit and healthy over the next few months when people tend to slack off with the cold weather, indulge way too much in the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pies and Holiday dinners, now is your chance to learn:

*clean eating
*how to meal plan
*use portion control
*fit just 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine!

Everything is done in a private Facebook group where only us challengers can see anything that you post!

I have contests, give prizes, share healthy recipes and try to make it FUN and POSITIVE!! If you're sick of making excuses and are ready to commit to losing weight and/or toning up, then shoot me a private message and I can get you all the details!

Commit by TUESDAY for a discount and special bonus surprise from me!!

What is Super Saturday and How Do I Become A Beachbody Coach?

How many of you get so sick of all the negative energy around you on a daily basis? It's everywhere... Facebook, the news, angry drivers on the road, impatient people at the stores, even family and friends who only know how to gossip and make drama!! It seems like there is just so much negativity around us and so many people tend to just feed off of it! I know, because I used to get sucked into it from time to time...
I cannot even begin to describe the feeling that I get when I go to these huge Beachbody events!! It is so refreshing to be around so many positive, uplifting, amazing people who are doing big things with their lives through this *AMAZING* company!
The whole coaching opportunity is about loving yourself, loving your body (no matter what size you are or what number is on the scale), making a healthy lifestyle change and reaching out to others in your life who want to live happier, healthier, positive lives as well!
I can honestly say that through my experience as a coach, I have become a better mother, a better wife, a better sister, daughter and friend! They say that you are just like the people you surround yourself with and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this Beachbody Family!
If you are looking to become a part of something bigger and something life-changing, then I am building a team of strong, positive, leaders who are looking to change their own life while making a difference in the lives of others along the way through motivation, support and most importantly friendship! You could be just the person that I'm looking for! Apply Here and I will contact you with more details as soon as possible. 


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mom Guilt -- Don't Be So Hard On Yourself!

So, I wanted to take a moment to be REAL with everyone, especially my fellow mom's out there. Is it just me or do us mom's almost constantly experience some sort of "mom-guilt"? We feel like we have to constantly be SUPER MOM for our kids? We need to have a clean house, have our kid's involved in sports, trips to the playground, the laundry needs to be cleaned, folded and put away nicely, dishes done, healthy dinners cooked....there's so much we feel we constantly have to have done, and even when we do get semi-caught up on everything, we still feel bad.
I find myself struggling with this on a daily basis.

I think another huge issue that contributes to "mom guilt" today is social media and the constant comparison of ourselves with other mom's who we see posting all these great pictures with their kids, doing Pinterest crafts all day in their clean, organized homes. And it looks like these kids in all the pictures are constantly happy, mom always has a big smile on her face and they have it so much better than me.

YEAH FRIGGIN' RIGHT! Who are we kidding... let's just be real for a second, here! Of course we'd rather share the fun, happy times, right?

But seriously... There are some days, as a stay-at-home mom that I just want to lock myself in my room and cry! Don't get me wrong, I love my adorable little babies to death, but my goodness... some day's I think that if I have to break up one more obnoxious fight over a LEGO, wipe one more poopy butt, clean up one more spill on the floor I just mopped, pick up one more basket of clothes off the floor that got dumped after I spend 30 minutes folding it... I MAY JUST LOSE MY MIND!!

So for my fellow mom's out there who think that I'm Super Mom... I'm not! I try my best, but just like everyone, I have my days where I feed my kid's McDonald's Happy Meals, sit them in front of the television for too long and raise my voice at them louder than I wished I would have. But rather than feeling guilty and inadequate as mom's, I think we need to focus on the good things we do for our kids, try to be patient on the days where we know it's running low and know that we are all Super Mom in our own ways. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Just Another Reason Why I Love Being a Beachbody Coach

I'm so pumped up!! I seriously LOVE my "job" as a Beachbody Coach, in case you haven't noticed! But seriously, who wouldn't?...

I got to listen to Tony Horton personally tell us about his new program P90 (which comes out tomorrow!!) on my coach conference call this morning! And in just 5 days from now, I'm going to be surrounded by hundreds of fellow Beachbody Coaches at the quarterly Super Saturday event and have the chance to workout with one of Tony's P90X & P90X3 cast members, Mark Briggs!! How awesome is that?
At these events, we get to hear amazing success stories from other people whose lives have been completely changed by Beachbody and the amazing opportunities and programs that they have!
And one of my favorite parts is getting to hear all the BIG announcements! We are the first to find out what Beachbody has been working on behind closed doors, including the newest programs coming out (which I already know of 2 new workout programs coming out in the next few months and they are going to be freaking AMAZING!!!) Let's just say if you're a fan of insanity or the 21 Day Fix, you're gonna want these!!
So on that note, if you live in the Northern Va area and have been interested in the coaching opportunity and want to join me on Saturday, this would be an awesome chance to see what it's all about, get in a good workout and meet some great new people! Message me and I can give you more details!! Woo Hoo! I can't wait!!! 


Friday, September 19, 2014

How to Reach Your Goals and Follow Your Dreams!

If you're reading this, then God has given you unlimited potential to do and achieve whatever you put your mind to!

"Many people say that they would like to be HAPPY, HEALTHY, THIN & RICH--but WISHING & HOPING are NOT enough!

You have to make a firm, unequivocal decision that you are going to pay any price and go any distance in order to achieve the goals you have set." -Brian Tracy

I am so blessed and so happy that I was able to realize this before it's too late and I have gone through a majority of my life, wishing and hoping for a better life and not really doing anything about it. People settle into the everyday routine of what they just think is "expected".

How many of you work a day job that you dread waking up for everyday? How many of you had bigger dreams for yourself and your future? Well guess what?? If you're still breathing, it's not too late to make a change!! What have you always DREAMED of doing? Now what's holding you back from taking the first steps towards accomplishing that? You've got to start somewhere, right?

*MY DREAM* has always been to be able to stay at home with my children to see them grow up! I didn't want to miss their first steps or their first word!! But I also wanted to do something BiG and HELP change the world in some way! I wasn't sure how, exactly I would do that, but I knew when I heard about the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and own my own business, while staying home with my kids, making a difference in other peoples lives and be able to make as much money as I want to provide for my family...it was too good to be true!!! But guess what--it's true and it's REAL! Some of my fellow coaches are already living their dream life and never have to worry about money again for the rest of their life, and they are younger than ME! 

So as my team is growing, we're helping people get healthy and fit, but we're also helping people build a business that allows them to stay at home and have money to pay for their kids' colleges, go on fancy vacations, and not have to ever look at price tags before deciding if they can afford something. It's called financial freedom! I can't wait to help some of YOU reach your goals!


APPLY HERE to Join my *Amazing Team*

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Potty Train: Tips, Tricks & Techniques that Work!

***UPDATE from my earlier post on POTTY TRAINING TRICKS:

I now have 4 little ones and have successfully potty trained the 2 older boys, but now I've got my first girl to potty-train.  I've heard that girls are actually easier, so we will just have to see about that.  My older daughter just turned 2 last month and loves to sit on the potty, but has only gone pee-pee on it once or twice.

In my potty training experience, here are a few signs that your little one is ready to start the process of potty training:

*When they show an interest in the potty (start by letting them flush the potty and make it fun)

*He/She tries to take off their diaper when they go pee-pee or potty in it (or in my kids' case... when they successfully take off the wet/dirty diaper themselves)

*They start to tell you when they go pee-pee in their diapers (My daughter yells PEE PEE!! or POO POO when she goes in the diaper! Which is great, because she realizes what she's doing, but it's usually too late at that point to sit on the potty, so when she announces this to me, I quickly take her to the bathroom, remove her diaper and have her sit on the potty so she associates the two)

If your child hasn't shown interest, then here are a few ways that you could get them interested:

*Let them come in and watch you use the potty (if your kids are anything like mine, they probably do this on their own anyway... but explain to them what you're doing.  "Mommy's going pee-pee in the potty like a BIG GIRL!")

*Let them flush the potty!! YAY! So much fun! ;)

*Read books about using the potty. We have a few different ones, but there's a huge list of different ones out there!  My kid's have always loved 'P is for Potty' with Elmo!

*Buy them their own potty seat or training toilet to use and get excited about!

There are so many different techniques you can use, but every child is different and every child will do it when they are ready.  Some kids are ready at 2, some kids aren't ready until 3... and that's okay.  You don't want to force a child to try something that they may not be mentally ready to do.  But I can tell you one thing... the more fun and exciting you make it, the more excited they will be to try it and most likely, the sooner they will be interested.

As I mention in my previous potty training post, my boys LOVED the sticker chart technique while potty training.  I would buy sheets of fun stickers with their favorite characters on them, and made my own little chart in Microsoft Word (or you can use the Dora & Diego one pictured>>).  I would keep the chart taped to the wall near the potty and they would get to pick from a bowl of fun stickers when they made it to the potty in time (or in the beginning phases, I will just give them a sticker to put on their chart, simply for sitting on the toilet for a period of time).  It worked like a charm for my boys, so we'll just have to see how it goes with the girls.

Please feel free to share your own potty training tips, tricks and techniques in the comments below! I know there are a lot of different ways to do it, so it's always nice to know all the different ideas out there :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Quit Making Excuses! Let me help you LOSE WEIGHT, TONE UP and EAT HEALTHY!

Last week I made the decision to start my T25 workout program all over again since I got off track with our beach trip and school starting and I needed a FRESH start! There's just something about fall weather that makes me want to workout too... Don't ya agree?

My challenge group is up and running now and we've already shared some super yummy (healthy) recipes, shared some of the goals that we are going to achieve by the end of it and determined "WHY" we want to achieve those goals (these dig much deeper than just wanting to lose weight or look good). 

I'm so excited to see these people work hard and stay accountable so that they can live healthier lifestyles, feel better about themselves, have more energy to keep up with their busy lives and most importantly be happier about their bodies and have more confidence in themselves by the end of this process! 

I'm always excited to help new people reach their goals and not only provide them with the tools and resources, but also the support and accountability that they need in order to finish a fitness program from start to finish!!

If that sounds like something that you think you may need to help get you to your goal weight or change your eating habits, then feel free to APPLY HERE and I can get you more details about how my online Challenge Groups work!

Friday, September 12, 2014

How to Lose Weight the QUICK and HEALTHY way!

What if I told you that I could help you lose up to 15 pounds and learn how you can make clean eating your new lifestyle by October 13th?? 

If you decide to give Shakeology a try and commit to a month's worth, then you'll get the entire 21 Day Fix program for just $10! And if you aren't happy with how you feel by the end of it, then you can get every PENNY back (even if you use your entire bag of Shakeology!) say WHAAAT?

With the program, you get seven 30 minute workouts, 7 color coded portion control containers, a meal plan to follow the entire 21 days, and you'll have me and a private online support & accountability group to help you reach your goal!! (if you choose)

This deal is only for a short time, so if you have the slightest interest in it, just shoot me an email or comment below with your email and I can tell you a little more about the program, my free support and accountability groups and/or answer any questions you might have!! :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

How to Make Money From Home by Helping Others and Working Out


So, I just got in my 25 minute workout with Shaun T WHILE listening in on my Monday morning conference call with Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler!! (all while the two little ones sat nicely doing puzzles and occasionally jumped in to get a little workout of their own in, with mommy) 

Living the life!! I LOVE that I found my *DrEaM jOb*, where I can literally make extra money for my family (and saving for the kids' future), while still getting to stay at home with them everyday! And I'm able to do this by simply working out for less than 30 minutes a day and helping others do the same! SERIOUSLY?

If you're a stay-at-home mom (or anyone for that matter) who likes to workout (or wants to start working out) and would like to make a few extra hundred bucks a week, then you'd be crazy not to at least email me or fill out a coach application form to get more details about the opportunity.  My team is seriously blowing up right now, so the sooner you join, the more of an advantage that you will have in the long run!!! :)  The beauty of owning your own business in network marketing is that your potential income has no limits.  

Lindsay Matway, one of the top coaches in the business, has only been a coach for 3 years, but she makes over six figures a year, simply by helping others, drinking Shakeology and reading personal development books.  It can't get much better than that!!  My email is Crystal.Laiti@yahoo.com.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Clean Eating Healthy Grocery List Ideas

I just thought I'd share a few things on my grocery list this afternoon to prepare myself for a healthy week:
-apples                    -green bell peppers
-bananas                 -carrots
-blueberries              -almond & coconut milk
(for my Shakeology concoctions)
-zucchini                 -nonfat vanilla yogurt
-squash                   -granola
-cucumbers              -cottage cheese
-celery                     -Perrier slim cans (better than soda)
-spinach                  -veggie straws
-strawberries            -dark chocolate acai berries (SO GOOD)!!

-not pictured: 
-broccoli                    -organic chicken breasts (Costco, baby)
-V8 cans                   -eggs
-whole wheat bread     -oatmeal
-hummus                   -PB2 (powder peanut butter)
-avocados                  -coconut oil
-coconut                    -almonds
-pecans                     -tuna
-brown rice                 -feta cheese
-popcorn                    -rice cakes