Monday, September 15, 2014

Quit Making Excuses! Let me help you LOSE WEIGHT, TONE UP and EAT HEALTHY!

Last week I made the decision to start my T25 workout program all over again since I got off track with our beach trip and school starting and I needed a FRESH start! There's just something about fall weather that makes me want to workout too... Don't ya agree?

My challenge group is up and running now and we've already shared some super yummy (healthy) recipes, shared some of the goals that we are going to achieve by the end of it and determined "WHY" we want to achieve those goals (these dig much deeper than just wanting to lose weight or look good). 

I'm so excited to see these people work hard and stay accountable so that they can live healthier lifestyles, feel better about themselves, have more energy to keep up with their busy lives and most importantly be happier about their bodies and have more confidence in themselves by the end of this process! 

I'm always excited to help new people reach their goals and not only provide them with the tools and resources, but also the support and accountability that they need in order to finish a fitness program from start to finish!!

If that sounds like something that you think you may need to help get you to your goal weight or change your eating habits, then feel free to APPLY HERE and I can get you more details about how my online Challenge Groups work!

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