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*If you're READY TO ROCK YOUR BUSINESS and start your coach training, then please fill out this New Coach Apprenticeship Application before you get started!  This is for my personal records so that I can best help you reach your personal goals and get your business rolling ASAP!

*If you're not sure where you'd like to begin as a coach or are just interested in more information, then you can fill out this quick COACH QUESTIONNAIRE form here and I will get you the details and answer any questions you may have about it.


Before you get started: How to Sign in to your Coach Online Office

7 Day Quick Start Form

The 3 Vital Behaviors (the coach training videos will go in more depth with these!)

How to become and STAY an ACTIVE Coach

* You can go at your own pace with these videos and assignments. I recommend that you go through them daily and post your assignments either in the Team Tenacious Knockouts Page on Facebook, or in the Coach Training Group (if running at the time), or if you're more comfortable sending them to my email, then that's fine too. (  If you prefer to go through more than 1 video at a time and breeze through them... then you go for it! The sooner you are able to get through the coach training, the sooner that you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge that you will need to become a leader, yourself,  and start running your own team! ;)

Welcome to Coach Training: Prerequisites

Day 1: Welcome

Day 2: Your "WHY"

Day 3: Building YOUR story and Sharing it on Social Media

Day 4: Providing VALUE with a FREE Challenge Group

Day 5: Vital Behavior #1 - Invite! Invite! Invite!

Day 6: Vital Behavior #2 - Be a Product of the Product

Day 7: Vital Behavior #3 - Personal Development

* Coach Relations Phone # 1 (800) 240-0913
* Customer Service (for your customers): 1 (800) 207-0420
Coach Daily To Do List

Business Activity Tracker (BAT)

Contact List

Memory Jogger

Challenge Pack List

Challenge Pack Spreadsheet

Compensation Plan & Highlights

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