Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year, New You!!

What are your New Year's Resolutions this year????

Since about 80% of people's resolutions have to do with getting healthier (which I resolve to do as well) and getting in shape and/or losing weight... I wanted to invite you all to join me and my amazing group of people on your 2014 journey towards getting healthy and fit!!  This is ALL done on your own time, from your own home and we have an online accountability group, where you check in after workouts, keep up with our healthy recipes and meal plans that are provided for you and post any challenges, concerns, or motivational quotes, great recipe finds, etc!!  Pretty much anything goes, but the bottom line is-- we are all there for each other along the way!  Since many people start strong on January first and then quickly lose motivation and momentum... this group is to keep you on track and make sure that you're not one of those people that gives up and throws in the towel after a month or so.  I will be your free coach and I will help you along the way as well!! My "job" is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, no matter what they may be!  Maybe you need to lose the extra baby weight that you put on, or maybe you've been struggling with weight issues all your life and have just never found anything that works for you, that you can really see results from and you lose hope.  Well not this time!! I promise we will do this together and YOU WILL SUCCEED!

It's an easy formula:

Fitness + nutrition + support + rewards = Success

So on that note... this group is very popular with the New Year coming up, so I've only got 3 spots left to fill!!  If you're interested in filling one of these last few spots, then please either comment below and say "I'm interested!" and leave me your email, or you can simply email me at crystal.Laiti@yahoo.com!  The sooner you decide to commit and make this change for yourself, the sooner I can get you all set up and ready to get that body you've been dreaming of, but just haven't had the time or energy to get started!! :)

I can't wait!!  2014 is going to be a BIG YEAR for a lot of us!!!! Whose in???

Friday, December 13, 2013

The best Christmas gift for the health & fitness enthusiast on your list!

Yay! I did a little Christmas shopping for myself tonight! (It just doesn't make sense to ask for it for Xmas since I get a 25% discount, right?) Looks like I'll be doing the P90X3 for my new challenge group starting in the New Year! I always wanted to try P90X, but just don't have time! Luckily, these workouts are only 30 mins each! Now thats what I'm talking about!

If anyone's up for a challenge and wants to try it out with me and join my support/accountability group, shoot me a message, comment below or email me at crystal.laiti@yahoo.com! It's only going to be available at the discounted price through Dec 31st! And they throw in a month's worth of the Shakeology to try, along with a few other fun freebies!! Can't beat that!  Whose ready to get RIPPED for 2014!?  They say bikini bodies are made in the winter time!

Joining my team and getting your challenge pack is super easy! If you've already got your mind made and you want to order now in time to start up with us on January 2nd, here's what you need to do:

1. Visit my free coach page :)
2. Click on the right where it says 'Buy A Challenge Pack'
3. fill out your information
4. Choose your shakeology flavor
  (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry (or they have vegan options for chocolate and strawberry as well)
5. Once your order is in, I will send you a personal message, see if you're interested in joining my support/accountability group and help get you all set and ready to start losing weight/getting toned and healthier for the New Year!



Monday, December 9, 2013

Be your own SUCCESS story!

Since becoming a Beachbody Coach, I have heard more amazing success stories than I've ever heard in my life! I have been amazed at the number of men and women in my challenge groups over the past 4 months, who have literally changed their entire lives with the help and support of others, just like me (and you), finding a fitness program that works for them and by telling themselves, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!" 

Until you realize that you must make a serious change in your health and fitness routines, then most likely, you will not achieve your health and fitness goals!

But let me tell you... when you're in an online support group with 20 other people who are in the same boat as you, striving to lose weight, get healthy or tone up, it's much easier than trying to do it alone!! The motivation and support that these people share with one another is seriously heart-warming!  Whether someone makes a post about how happy they are that they finally gave Shakeology a try and have the energy to play with their kids again, or maybe it's the woman who finally dropped those last 10-15 pounds after having a baby, and finally feels confident about her body again!!

I promise you, that this company, these products and most importantly, these "coaches" (who are just regular people like you and me who want to help make a difference) are serious life-changers!!  And on that note, I want to extend a personal invite to you, to join in on my next group that will be starting right in time for you to tackle those New Year's Resolutions!!  I promise it will be worth your while and as a group, and me as your personal "coach", we will reach your goals!  I've got the tools, support, motivation... so all you need is your determination to reach your goal and the commitment to stick with us along the way!! 

Are you in??  Message me if you want me to hold your spot, because with New Year's and the release of P90X3, this group is going to fill up QUICK!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

December's FREE 30 Day Fitness Challenge!


 Here is your new workout calendar for the month!! I'm just warning you... I didn't go as easy on you as I did the past 2 months! I know you guys are strong and determined, so I figured the more reps, the better shape you'll be in by the end of the month!! Try your best to stick with these and if you want to push yourself even harder, repeat the workouts more than 1 time per day!! Here are a few quick fitness tests you can do from home before you begin each week, so that you can have see your progress!! ENJOY! And let me know what you all think!

ALSO... If you're interested in joining our private challenge group on facebook, you can join by 'liking' my page on facebook (Kiss My Abs Fitness Fam) and commenting or messaging me that you'd like to join the FREE fitness challenge group!!  This will help you stay accountable for your daily workouts and give you a "team" of challengers who you can share questions, concerns, recipes, motivation, success, etc with!! They will become your fit fam! :)  All are welcome! The more, the merrier!  As of now, we've got almost 50 challengers! WOO HOO! Awesome!