Monday, December 2, 2013

December's FREE 30 Day Fitness Challenge!


 Here is your new workout calendar for the month!! I'm just warning you... I didn't go as easy on you as I did the past 2 months! I know you guys are strong and determined, so I figured the more reps, the better shape you'll be in by the end of the month!! Try your best to stick with these and if you want to push yourself even harder, repeat the workouts more than 1 time per day!! Here are a few quick fitness tests you can do from home before you begin each week, so that you can have see your progress!! ENJOY! And let me know what you all think!

ALSO... If you're interested in joining our private challenge group on facebook, you can join by 'liking' my page on facebook (Kiss My Abs Fitness Fam) and commenting or messaging me that you'd like to join the FREE fitness challenge group!!  This will help you stay accountable for your daily workouts and give you a "team" of challengers who you can share questions, concerns, recipes, motivation, success, etc with!! They will become your fit fam! :)  All are welcome! The more, the merrier!  As of now, we've got almost 50 challengers! WOO HOO! Awesome!

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