Sunday, February 7, 2016

What Do Beachbody Coaches Do? How Do They Make Money?

Curious what exactly I do as an online health and fitness coach? 

Well here's your chance to get a free little sneak peek into what I do on a daily basis as a coach, how much time it requires, costs and compensation plan details, and all that fun stuff!

If you're hesitant because you are far from your own fitness goals, don't have a lot of time to commit or know very little about health and nutrition, then don't freak, because none of those are requirements to be a coach.

If you honestly have a desire to work on becoming healthier and more active yourself, holding yourself accountable and just helping to pay that forward to the ones you love and care about most while building financial freedom and opportunity to travel and meet some awesome people along the way, then it couldn't hurt to get a peek at what's involved.

Maybe it's for you, maybe it's not. But at least at the end of my 5 day sneak peek, you'll have all your questions answered and be able to make a more informed decision. smile emoticon

If you want to hop in and join us in the free group, just click HERE to request to join! I look forward to seeing ya in there! ;)wink emoticon