Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The unspoken truth about those obnoxious blog ads

So this is kind of a random post, but I started thinking today... What initially led me to start a blog, was actually searching the web for ways to make money from home since I am a stay-at-home mom.  I ran across several articles on blogging and how to get started for free and voila!  Although I didn't expect to make tons of money, I figured... "hey, what the heck do I have to lose?"  

I have always loved writing and just recently finished college, so I no longer have assignments and papers to write, so this is a perfect outlet for me to do something for me and to have fun writing about absolutely anything I want to write about and I don't have to stress about what grade I'll get on it once it's submitted.  (well, I won't lie, I do sort of get a little bit nervous when I push 'publish post', because I don't know how people who read it will react)  Will they like it?  Will they like me?  If they don't comment, does that mean they stopped reading halfway through and went on to something more entertaining?  Well, in the end I guess that really doesn't matter since I am doing it for myself.  But I guess I just hope that in the meantime, I can find a way to help someone else also.  Whether it's giving helpful advice for new momsrelating to other moms out there who struggle with guilt, or just sharing fun DIY projects that I get myself into.  
Photo Credit: Mouse Arena

But now I'm going to get back to the main point of my writing this article in the first place.  Since many of us who blog probably got started hoping to make a little extra pocket change along the way, why not help each other out a little bit?  (I know you didn't just put those obnoxious ads on there for decoration) I'm not asking you to go crazy and click on all my ads, I'm not offering any incentives for doing so, but I'm saying... if every time we visited someone else's blog, we clicked on an ad that we found interesting, then we'd be helping them out a few cents at a time.  And who knows... one of those obnoxious ads may actually lead us to something that we truly are interested in.  

So why not go ahead and post your own article on how we should get clicking in the blog world.  Then maybe it will become common courtesy and all those views that you get per day, will become clicks and therefore become money in your pocket!  Sounds like an easy plan to me... or is this more of an unspoken rule... that you can't talk about this in the blog world, because we all genuinely just do this for fun and think those ads on our page add personality?  Okay... whatever you say! But I know the next time I go looking at someone's blog, I'm going to help them out and take that extra second to click that ad! 

And I'm curious to see what kind of ad pops up under this article! hehe


  1. I got an add for Google places. Actually, that service would be great if I sold my crafts from an actual location that I could promote. In any case, I clicked on it. :)

  2. I also got the google places ad. Yes I clicked it, but don't have any need for it right now. Maybe that will be a goal for me.