Thursday, March 31, 2011

Being Mama Ain't Always Easy

Sometimes being a mom is anything but fun and fabulous.  There are just those days where you are exhausted and have so much to do, but all your kids want to do is scream, cry and be little pains in the butt all day.  That's what being a kid is all about though.  You can't blame them.  It's just tough being a stay-at-home mom sometimes because as much as you absolutely love being a mom, this is the toughest, most difficult, time consuming job around and you don't get paid a penny.  Anyone who wants to argue with me on that one... go ahead and try... because I will prove you wrong. 

As a stay-at-home mom, we play the roles of so many other professionals.  We aren't merely just mom, we are a nurse, a teacher, a maid, a cook, a chauffeur and a wife as well.  We are expected to have the house tidy, the kids cleaned and fed, dinner on the table when the husband gets home and clean laundry, perfectly folded and put away in it's place.  Not to mention, if we don't take the kids out to the park or let them play outside everyday, we are suddenly considered lazy.  

There's really nothing that can prepare you in becoming a mom.  Maybe you remember certain things that your own mom did while growing up, or you have seen your friend deal with their kids, but then when you're up to bat and have to step up to the plate... that's when you realize what motherhood is all about.  It's about putting someone else's needs before your own.  It's about loving someone unconditionally with all of your heart and being willing to sacrifice your own life if necessary, for these little miniature humans that you've brought into the world.  

I absolutely love being a mom, but it's definitely not easy.  I can't tell you the last time I slept a whole night without being woken up by one of my little munchkins.  I have lost so much weight between breastfeeding and not having time to feed myself and when my poor babies get sick, I feel completely helpless and would give anything to be able to trade places with them and take away their pain.  It's a whirlwind of emotions, but as any mommy will tell you, it's totally worth it to see the smiles on their faces and to watch them grow into such beautiful individuals.

Something that I've seemed to figure out the hard way, is that every mom needs an outlet.  You need something that you do for yourself every once and a while to keep your sanity.  Whether it's time at the gym, a mani/pedi sesh or a night out with the husband every so often... you have to make time for yourself!  It's not only good for you and your own well-being, but it's also good for your relationship with your children and your spouse as well.  "When mama's happy, everyone's happy."  Isn't that the truth!

So what do you moms out there do to keep your own sanity?  Do you have a scheduled date night with your husband, or an occasional girls night?  And what are your toughest mom roles?  Please feel free to share some of your own experiences as a mommy because I'm sure many of us would be relieved to relate to other moms out there.

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