Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring makes me want to go shopping, not clean!

With the warm weather creeping in, the flowers blooming and the grass finally in need of a good cut, there is one thing that comes to mind... no, not spring cleaning... shopping!  There's just something about the warm, sunny, spring weather that screams sexy sandals and skimpy skirts!  Okay, maybe not so skimpy since I am a mother of two now, but hey... if I've got the bod, I'm not going to keep it all covered up!  Women need to learn to be more comfortable in their own skin and wear what they want with confidence.  But with good taste of course.

I personally think that the crazy shopping urge has to do with the demise of my winter blues.  When it's cold out, I just don't usually have the desire to get all cute and dressed up.  I choose comfort (and warmth) over fashion, unfortunately.  I'll throw on some jeans, snow boots, a warm coat and out the door we go.  But when spring comes around, I can pull off a cute sun dress or a fabulous ruffle tank with some hot pleated shorts with hardly any effort... oh and don't forget the sexy sandals!

Spring is like a rebirth for me, as strange as it may sound.  I'm like an animal that goes into hibernation and refuses to face the cold outdoors when it's so unbearably cold out.  But at the first sign of spring, I become alive again.  My fun, spunky side comes out to play, including my desire to play with a few of the newest fashion trends of the season.  Which from what I can see, some of the latest trends this spring include: Ruffles, stripes, fit-and-flare dresses, cork heels and bright colors (especially one of my favorites -- HOT PINK!)

So, to my fellow ladies, especially my fellow mommy's out there... I say, screw the cleaning!  We do the cleaning on a weekly, probably more like a daily basis, so push the spring cleaning to the side and buy yourself a hot, trendy spring outfit first!  (Don't forget the shoes!)  Shoot, I'm so in love with my latest purchase, a pair of sexy pink Diba Doloris sandals  from DSW, that I may even wear them around the house when I finally get around to my spring cleaning!  Who says you can't look sexy while you clean? (You all think I'm kidding... I'm totally going to do it! And I'll be sure to post a picture for you guys when I do!)

Happy Spring Shopping Ladies!

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  1. Well, you know as well as I do that looking sexy while you clean is kind of a staple look for me, I mean, check out the name after all :) You are right though. 3 or 4 times in the past few weeks I have gone out trying on spring dresses just so I can feel like it's spring even if it's just in the dressing room :)