Friday, May 12, 2017

Exercise of the Day: Switch Kicks (Featured on my Instagram)

⭐️Today's Exercise: SWITCH KICKS⭐️ With this exercise, you want to alternatively kick each leg to your front as high as you can. They key is not to stop between each kick. Meaning, at least one leg should be in the air at any given moment, and the supporting leg should be moving off the ground prior to the kicking leg returning to the floor. This exercise definitely works your legs and lower abdominals. Try doing this for 1 minute and count how many reps you can complete! (2 kicks= 1 rep) Be sure to comment below with your #reps when you complete it! #MotivatingFitMomChallenge 🎯And if you're competitive like I am and want to have fun and participate in my Motivating Fit Mom Challenge, then be sure to post a quick pic or video of yourself doing the exercise, TAG ME and include #MotivatingFitMomChallenge in your post! I will be giving away FREE GOODIES to random participants each week!✨

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