Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bachelorette Weekend Festivities

Okay, so with everything going on the past few weeks, I have been slacking on keeping you all up to date on all the fun festivities that went on for bachelorette weekend!  Bachelorette weekend is the weekend where the bride-to-be and all her girlfriends get together, wear obscene penis necklaces, and enjoy their last weekend as a single gal.  Fortunately for me, I have two children with my hubby-to-be and enjoyed the last weekend as a single woman years ago.  But that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun the weekend before the big wedding, right?

So it was off to my hometown for a weekend with the girls to play dress-up, drink too much, lounge by the rooftop pool and do some bonding.  To add a little excitement to the night and to be sure to stand out, we bought 'sexy' masks, glow bracelets, giant light-up engagement rings, and mardi gras beads.  I wore pink and the bridesmaids all wore black dresses.  We were apparently a hit, because after dinner, when we went downstairs to the bar, the manager gave us the secret VIP entrance through the back door and all of our drinks were taken care of.  Not to mention we also got a complimentary bottle of champagne by a curious bystander.  It's nice being a young, hot pack of girls in a bar, covered in glow sticks! 

The second night, we decided to do a theme: "A night at the Grammy's".  I dressed as the infamous Britney Spears, while my girls Ke$ha, Avril Lavigne, Miranda Lambert, Katy Perry and Chelsea Handler joined me for some fun.  I must say, the Ke$ha look was probably the coolest.  The make-up was perfect.  Not to mention the un-showered, messy pool-hair and aroma of alcohol that followed her all night... I'm telling you, it was Ke$ha at her finest.  
From left to right: Chelsea Handler, Avril, Katy Perry, Britney, Miranda & Ke$ha
So as you can see, it was a perfectly done-up girls weekend, with no drama, plenty of fun and large amounts of alcohol consumed.  What says bachelorette weekend better than that?  I must say, I did miss my baby boys a ton, but this momma never gets a night off, so it was well deserved.

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