Monday, August 18, 2014

Looking for Women & Moms who want to Lose Weight, Get In Shape & Live Healthy!

I DEFINITELY didn't eat well this past weekend. How many people can relate? 

I think it's because part of me knew that come tomorrow, I'm going full-throttle back into my "operation get pre-baby body back!". (for those of you who don't know me... I just had my 4th baby, 6 weeks ago!) 

Not to mention, I'm starting my 7 day Shakeology and CLEAN EATING Challenge today, where I'm going to have to be the role model and set the example for the 20 people participating in our group!

Not to mention, I'm getting a head start on my Focus T25 workouts before my Fall Fitness Challenge group starts up after labor day!!! If the list below sounds like you, then message me for details and I'll help make sure that we get you a spot in my group and have you set and ready to go on September 2nd if you decide to make the commitment to yourself!!

Are YOU...

*Determined to either lose some weight, tone/tighten up or just get fit
*Trying to start eating healthier and learn to meal plan
*In need of more energy
*Too busy to go to the gym everyday
*In need of a group of supportive women who are in the same boat as you to help motivate you and keep you on track so that you don't throw in the towel and call it quits before you reach your goals?...

If this sounds like you, then this could be exactly what you've been waiting for to finally stop making excuses and put yourself and your health as a top priority while still having plenty of time for your kids, work, pets... or whatever else it is that takes up most of your time.

Let me know ASAP if you're interested, as these groups tend to fill up rather quickly and my next one probably won't start up until October.  Or you can fill out the application so that we can chat about your goals, find you a program that will work for you and get your spot reserved in my group!  :)

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