Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day is Dead to this Married Mama

Valentine's Day.  It's pretty much the best made up holiday ever, where women get spoiled by their husbands with red roses, foot massages, chocolates and if you're lucky, maybe even some bling.  From as early as I can remember, I was always spoiled on Valentine's Day.  As early as 4th grade, boys in my class would get me jewelry, flowers and I received numerous little valentine cards asking me 'out'.  Then even in high school, the quarterback of the jv football team brought me a half a dozen roses my sophomore year, just because he thought I was nice.  Then my long time high school boyfriend surprised me my senior year by getting a hotel suite, fully loaded with champagne and strawberries and a dozen beautiful roses.  The room was lit with candles and rose petals covered the bed (a bit over the top now that I look back on it, but he was definitely a romantic).

For the past six Valentine's Days now, I have gotten nothing on this romantic holiday.  That would be because my husband's birthday happens to fall on February 14th.  Now you could say that I'm just a selfish bitch for being a little upset about not getting anything on his day, but common...I don't even get a single rose?  And I figured an easy solution to this would be to make Mother's Day my new Valentine's Day, where he can spoil me, but unfortunately, this never happens.  I'm lucky if I even get a Mother's Day gift from him to be honest.   It's just that I always go above and beyond for him and never get anything in return.  Last year, to make Valentine's Day (or his birthday) more romantic, I did the whole champagne, rose petals and candle lit routine and even bought a sexy little outfit for him...well, for me, but for him. He appreciated it, but I would have appreciated if he remembered the effort I put into his day when mine comes along.  

What do you think the best solution to my dilemma is?  I suppose I could just throw in the towel and accept the fact that Valentine's Day is dead to me.  But I realize Valentine's Day, in the end, is really all about sharing the love you have with your special 'someone'.  So really we are just killing two birds with one stone by celebrating the day of his birth with the Hallmark declared day of 'love'.  I guess just by writing this blog post, I've sort of answered my own question.  It's not about Valentine's Day at all.  It's about my selfishness of no longer getting any of the attention on this dumb made up holiday.  I get to sign onto facebook and see all my friends beautiful flowers they got delivered to them at work and their diamond bracelets and candies, and not to mention, see all of my husbands ex-girlfriends wish him a wonderful happy birthday, while I figure out how to make his day fabulous.  Grrrr!  Suggestions anyone?  Or am I just a completely selfish momma for feeling this way?

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  1. I don't think it is selfish. I think it is normal to be disappointed when you see your friends getting gifts. Do you remind him in advance about Valentine's Day? I know we want guys to remember on their own, but sometimes they just don't. I remind my husband by constantly asking him what he wants the week before. It works because he can never think of anything, so I have to ask again. lol