Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fizzy Colors Experiment

As much as I love to play outside all day, some days it's just way too hot!  So this week we decided to put our bath fizzies to use in a fun colors experiment.  We filled up 6 glasses of water and dropped a different colored fizzy into each one (blue,  yellow and red).  We then picked two of the three colors to mix into the glasses of clear water.  My little guy quickly discovered that he could magically make new colors just by mixing a couple of the primary colors that he began with.  Not only was this a lot of fun, but it helped my 3-year-old learn a little bit about colors and how they are made by mixing with other colors.  You can also use food coloring for this experiment, but I must say, the bath fizzies are way more fun because they act like alka-seltzers when you drop them in, bubbling and fizzing in the cup for a minute.  And not to mention, they are a blast when it comes to bath time!

And while I'm sure all you moms and dads are already well aware of this, it just wouldn't be an experiment without our objectives and equations.  Shoot if you want to get even more scientific, have the kids make hypotheses (guesses) as to what color will result each time before you combine them.

The Fizzy Colors Experiment

OBJECTIVE:  Learn about the 3 primary colors and how you can mix them together to make brand new colors.  And have lots of fun!

PRIMARY COLORS: Blue, Red & Yellow

*6 clear glassses filled about halfway with water.
*either red, blue and yellow food coloring or bath fizzies (which you can find in the bath section at the grocery store)
*something to stir the water with



So excited to see his new colors MAGICALLY appear!

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