Tuesday, August 2, 2011

20 Fun Things for Kids to do this Summer:

This summer, we decided to make a bulletin board of things we wanted to do at some point.  I've been watching my husband's little cousins who are 11 and 13, as well as my two little guys who are much younger.  I had each of them write down about 5 things that they wanted to do while they're with me this summer.  Although they have expensive taste, we came up with some great ideas, so here they go:

1. Make a fun list of things to do this summer (such as ours above or I love this idea!)
2. Make a music video
3. Paint ball
4. Make tie-dye shirts
5. Go to the water park
6. Laser Tag
7. Make ice-cream sundaes
8. Go to a theme park (they listed plenty)
9. Water balloon fight
10. Drop mentos into a soda can and watch it fizz and overflow (this was a new one for me)
11. Go see a movie
12. Go to the Pool
13. Have a Lemonade/Cupcake Sale
14. Slip-n-slide (don't forget the baby oil)
15. Have a picnic at the park
16. Create a ziplock bag explosion
17. Conduct the Fizzy Colors Experiment
18. i-Spy (scavenger hunt)
19. Make pizza from scratch
20. Make a photo album of our summer fun!

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