Monday, November 4, 2013

Coolest Birthday Gift Ever!!!

I wasn't very active yesterday!!
My sleep pattern last night!

Hey guys! So how's your November going so far?  Well, today is my 28th Birthday, so I'd say my month is off to a good start!  Another year older, another year wiser and I can honestly say that I'm happier and healthier than I've been in a very long time!  I have my workouts, healthier eating habits and my new beachbody coaching experience to thank for all that!  I just finished my entire 10 week T25 workout program, combined with the Shakeology meal replacements on Friday and will be starting back at the beginning of the program today, along with so many of my wonderful friends who will be starting their own T25 fitness journeys today!  

But anyways, I wanted to share this awesome little gadget that my husband got me for my birthday!! It's a little bracelet, called UP BAND! 

Have you heard of the UP band by Jawbone? Well, neither had I, until my friend posted about it in one of my fitness challenge groups! Apparently it's this awesome little band (like a bracelet) that you put on your wrist, wear it around, 24/7 and you download an app that it syncs to and can track your sleeping, eating, exercising, and more!

How awesome is that! It can tell you specifics! Not only how many hours of sleep you got, but how long it took you to fall asleep and even how many hours of light sleep vs. deep sleep, you got... WOW!! Not only does this provide you with great information about your habits, but it will also be a great visual to help you realize the areas where you are slacking and what changes you need to make in you're everyday activities! It also connects with other great apps such as the 'MapMyFitness', 'MyFitnessPal', 'LoseIt' and more!!!

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