Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello, November! Please don't put this off for another 61 days!

HELLO, NOVEMBER!!  Today is not only a brand new day, but a brand new month... and we're quickly approaching the end of 2013! Can you believe it?  It's going to be 2014 before we know it!!

So the question is...

Are you going to continue with your unhealthy eating habits for another 2 months, put off working out for another 61 days... just because you feel like it would be a "waste of time" to try and start getting healthy before all the holidays hit?

Well let me help you put this into perspective... your health and wellness should NOT only be something that you try to achieve once January 1st hits!  This is your HEALTH we are talking about! Some people seem to care more about having the most up-to-date smart phone, than they do about having a body that is functioning at it's maximum potential! Our bodies are what get us through this life, so even if you aren't noticing the effects of your unhealthy diet and lazy tendencies right now, I can promise it will catch up to you and affect you later in life!  You know why I can promise this?  Because if you're feeding your body junk food on a regular basis and not getting the exercise that you need, then the inside of your body isn't healthy right now!  And chances are... those lucky ones who can't "see" it, can feel it on a regular basis.  You're tired, unmotivated, depressed and don't seem to really know why?   You're unhealthy... that's why!

Did you know that TWO-THIRDS of Americans are overweight or obese and 2 out of every 5 children in our country are overweight or obese!  So to break that down into numbers for some of you... that is 200 MILLION Americans who are overweight or obese today!

WOW!  To me, that is INSANE!!! But I can easily see how it could happen.  We have fast-paced lives... and to help us keep up with that pace, we've got McDonald's and Taco Bell to "help us" feed our family meals on-the-go!  We've got those favorite television shows that we're obsessed with and have to sit and watch when we get home from our busy day and want to kick back and relax.  How about football! I don't know about you guys, but I know plenty of guys who use Sunday as their excuse to sit in front of the tv ALL DAY LONG to watch the games!  Oh wait... and don't forget about college football on Saturday... can't miss those!  Oh wait and isn't there Monday and Thursday night football too?  Wow! I dare you to add up the time that you spend in front of the tv each week!  It adds up!  And what's football Sunday without a big, greasy pepperoni pizza from Papa Johns?

Don't worry... I'm not 100% innocent in some of this!  I went through a phase where once the kids were in bed, I vegged in front of the television for hours! And yet, I was that same mom who said to myself, "I wish I had time to workout, but with 3 kids... it's IMPOSSIBLE!"  Well guess what ladies and gentlemen... it's not impossible, because I do it EVERYDAY now!

You want to know what the difference is?...

I now MAKE TIME to workout!  I made working out a PRIORITY for myself!  And I've noticed HUGE differences, not only in my health and my body, but in my energy levels, my mood, my overall happiness!!!  I learned a while ago, from one of my favorite movies (Legally Blonde) that when you work out, your body releases endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy!  And it's so true! Even on the mornings where I don't necessarily feel like I'm in the mood to workout, I force myself to "push play" on my T25 workouts or go for that jog, because as soon as I start... I FEEL my mood do a 180!  It's seriously an instant mood changer when you're feeling down!

So I'm sorry if I sound pretty frustrated with this post, but I am!  I know that each and every person out there has the ability to make a change, but it upsets me that there are so many people out there who just don't have the motivation or confidence in themselves to MAKE A CHANGE!  And there's always a chance to change that!  Each day is a new beginning... so if you're one of those people, then just GO FOR IT!  If you think you need someone on your ass to push you and help you through it, then private message me and we will work something out!  I want to help people realize their full potential and I want people to start setting better examples for these younger generations coming up!  For 2 out of ever 5 children in our country to be obese/overweight is heart-breaking to me!!

So have a happy Friday, and look at your life choices!  If there's something that you realize you need to change, then stop making lousy excuses, slap your past self in the face and tell your future self that you are GOING to do better for yourself and for your family!  :)


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