Thursday, October 24, 2013

How small daily improvements can have HUGE long-term results!

This is very similar to the concept that I've been reading about in The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy (great personal development book, by the way)

So let's just say that you decide to cut 250 calories from your diet each day.  That's realistic. That's less calories than 4 Oreo cookies.  So 250 less calories a day isn't going to make any difference, you say... okay, maybe you won't notice a difference after a day of cutting 250 calories from your diet.  You may not even notice a difference a week after doing it, or even a month after omitting 250 calories from your normal diet.  

But guess what?... 

When you've been 6 months and this 250 less calories a day has just become your usual routine that you follow out of habit, and it doesn't even seem like you're doing anything special... In that 6 months, you've consumed 45,000 LESS CALORIES than you would have if you didn't decide to cut those mere 250 calories per day.

45,000 calories is equal to 13 pounds!!! So without even adding any kind of workout or adopting healthier eating habits... you've lost 13 POUNDS in 6 months... by simply cutting out those 4 Oreo cookies each day, or maybe the Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks is your guilty pleasure.  Wherever you could cut off those 250 calories, do it! It may be tough the first week, but then you'll get used to it.  And you'll see results over time! 

Think about it... just by doing this for another 6 months, you will have lost over 25 pounds in a year, without working out, without eating salads and brussel sprouts for every meal... JUST by cutting 250 calories a day! 

NOW... Imagine if you also decided to replace some of those other calories you're taking in each day with some healthier choices.  Even baby steps... I'm not talking about starting a crazy workout routine, running marathons and living off of greens, but I'm just talking about ordering a wrap instead of a burger.  Get the apple instead of the baguette (Yes, I love me some Panera).  Skip the fancy, sugary coffee at Starbucks and get a black coffee and add your own cream and sugar so you can limit the amount put in it or try a Chai Tea Latte with nonfat milk... maybe you'll like that? And it only has 180 calories compared to a Venti White Chocolate Mocha (which used to be my FAVORITE... until I found out that it has 580 CALORIES-- 190 of them from fat!) Wowzers... no thank you! 

So just keep this in mind and remember, this goes for anything in life, not just dieting and losing weight, but if you start with small, baby steps, making small positive changes in the direction that you want to see yourself go, then it's inevitable that you will begin to see huge changes over time! So ask yourself... where do I wish to see myself at this time next year?  And how can I start making small steps in the right direction, RIGHT NOW? And start doing it!  

Just remember... CONSISTENCY IS KEY!  And that goes for anything in life!


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