Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Maria Kang -- My take as a fit mom of 3

After reading numerous articles about Maria Kang yesterday, I decided to make my own post on this topic. I am also a mom of 3 and have gotten into the best shape of my life after having them! You do have to have a lot of self discipline during and after pregnancy to achieve this... And you can complain that you don't have time to workout, because let's face it... most mom's really don't have a lot of spare time--between working, taking care of the house, doing the laundry, cooking meals, bathing the kids, helping with homework, putting them to bed... by the time you've got a second of peace and quiet for yourself... the LAST thing you feel like doing is working out!

I feel ya... I can relate!!... but you know what... A lot of us moms also decide to put ourselves LAST once we have a family to take care of. I know I'm guilty of it! For lunch many days, I would just pick from the leftovers on my kids plates. And when I did actually find time to eat a whole meal... it was something from McDonalds or Chik-fil-A (ewww) So find time to make little steps in the right direction to get healthier and in better shape! Try to make healthy food choices throughout the day, or if you can wake up a half hour before the kids and workout, then do it! Or start going for walks around the neighborhood with your family after school and work.

I suppose I have a similar message as Maria Kang, but I understand that these decisions must be made on your own time and you must be ready to really make some serious changes in your life and be willing to make a commitment to YOURSELF! I believe in you, but in order to see changes, you must believe in yourself! :) If you want to make a small step in the right direction, then I even have an online health and fitness challenge group going on that can help you achieve your goals! If you're interested in joining me, you can APPLY HERE and friend request me on facebook so that we can connect and get you started! :)

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