Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You are the only one stopping yourself

Wow! How true is this? Why is it that we are always so hard on ourselves? Often, others are quicker to cheer us on and tell us we can do something, when we find ourselves building these walls and putting ourselves down for the things that we didn't achieve yet, or the things that we feel that we've failed at. 

STOP with the negative thoughts... STOP comparing yourself to others and STOP being your own biggest obstacle to hurdle! YOU, and only YOU, can decide that it's time to make a change in your life... so stop waiting for the perfect time to do it, because the perfect time will never come...

The perfect time is TODAY.

 The perfect time is that moment, where you realize that what you've done up until this point, hasn't worked for you... and it's time to make a CHANGE!!! STOP building these walls and holding yourself back!!! Think positive, take a leap of faith and JUMP!!! Jump over that wall, chase out those negative thoughts and become that person that you always wished you could be! 

Because guess what? YOU CAN BE THAT PERSON!

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