Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fit Tip of the Day: Do NOT skip MEALS to Lose Weight!

Many people think that if they just skip meals throughout the day, then they'll lose weight! Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but that will only trick your body into thinking you're "starving" and will store what you do eat as fat. Your metabolism will slow down and it will make it harder for you to burn fat and build muscle.
I am doing this special program right now where I actually have to eat 6 MEALS a day!! They are perfectly portioned out for me-- I get just enough carbs, proteins, fruits, veggies, fats (YES, even some fats are healthy and necessary for your body to function at it's best!) I love it because I'm never too full, I'm never hungry and I have way more energy throughout the day to keep up with my little ones.

*helpful tip: pack a bunch of small ziplock bags of healthy snacks that you can grab for throughout the day or toss in a bag to bring to work to snack on, so you're less likely to eat from the vending machine or not eat at all.

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