Monday, June 30, 2014

Lose Weight and Get Healthy with my 10 Day Shakeology Challenge


These 10 Day Shakeology Challenges allow you to try the different product flavors before you commit to a 30 day bag or box of your own.
We replace one meal a day with Shakeology and fill the rest of our day with healthy meals and snacks. Participants are given three meal plan packets full of great low-calorie meals and snacks that the whole family will enjoy. You receive one-on-one coaching (both during and after the challenge) and access to our private support group on Facebook for 24/7 motivation and support.
Our challenge is not about deprivation – I encourage you to eat 5-6 times a day and you will never feel hungry. I also encourage you to exercise at least 30 minutes a day 8 out of 10 days of our challenge (or more). These 10 days are based on setting up healthy habits for yourself for the rest of your life, whether you continue with Shakeology or not. I will post quick, short workouts in the online group, but I also encourage finding time to walk, jog or find another workout to stay active.  I also run 21, 30, 60 & 90 day Challenge Groups for those who are ready to commit to a regular workout program as well.
On average, participants can lose anywhere from 2 to 15 pounds during the 10 days (size and prior diet/activity level depending).
To participate, you must purchase Shakeology through me or one of the coaches on my team. For this challenge, the cost is $55.00 ($5.00/packet for 10 packets of Shakeology + $5.00 priority shipping with tracking). The 10 Day Challenge Package contains every flavor of Shakeology so that you have the opportunity to try them all out.  (2 strawberry, 2 vanilla, 2 chocolate, 2 greenberry, 1 vegan chocolate and 1 vegan tropical strawberry).  If you would like to make your own combination of flavors, you can contact me directly and I can definitely personalize your 10 sample flavors the way that you would like (as long as I have enough of each flavor that you'd like to try). 

This is an awesome opportunity because I will be providing you with everything you'll need for the 10 Days:

✅10 Shakeology Samples to replace 1 meal a day with (you'll get to try ALL the flavors too)
✅Grocery List
✅Healthy Recipes
✅Health & Fitness Tracking Sheets to document your progress and stay on track
✅A private online support group
If you would like to continue with Shakeology after our 10 days, the cost of a 30 day bag/box of Shakeology is $129.95. However, we can talk about how you can get your monthly supply 25% off for only $98.00 and save 25% off all Beachbody merchandise (programs, supplements, equipment, etc.).
Business opportunities are also available for those who are looking for part-time or full-time income from home. No education is necessary, I give you all the training you need – you just need to be willing to set a healthy example for others and be willing to help and motivate customers assigned to you. You can read more here and contact me at or fill out the form on that page if you’d like to discuss this in more detail.

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