Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Lose the Baby Weight FAST! My Progress at 3 Weeks Postpartum with Baby #4!

I've been going back and forth on whether or not to share pics of my post baby body at almost 3 weeks postpartum. The message that I want to send is that by staying active, eating healthy and just living a healthy lifestyle while you're pregnant, can make it much easier to get back to your pre baby body afterwards. This was my GO-TO program during my pregnancy this time around, just in case you're curious!

While I'm not close to where I hope to be in a few months, muscle-wise, I can say that I am feeling great and have gained the confidence throughout this journey, to rock a bikini already...whether I'm at my goal weight and size or not! And this is just MY own personal journey and story and by no means am I saying that everyone should be able to bounce right back after a baby...because everyone is unique and has their own personal time frames that are best for them to get back in shape after giving birth! I'm still pretty sore from my c-section and just the thought of a sit-up at this time, is painful! But this is where continued clean eating and breastfeeding can work wonders!

I just want to motivate and inspire those of you who think that it's impossible to get back in shape or get in even better shape than you may have been in, pre baby! It takes self-discipline, motivation, commitment, support and hard-work...but it's so worth it in the long run!!

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