Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to Succeed at Your Goals and Dreams -- Personal Development

Which one should I read first?? 

I am becoming a personal development addict! Which is an amazing thing!! I am learning so much and growing as an individual, a mother, a wife and a leader!!

As a Beachbody Coach, I take my job very seriously! I have people relying on me to help them achieve some serious goals!! Some people come into this health & fitness journey and are just looking to lose the last 10-15 pounds of baby weight, while others have struggled with some severe health issues due to their unhealthy lifestyles, watched family members suffer from poor health choices and not only want to make a change, but know that they NEED to!!

And I'm going to be up front and completely honest here... the hardest part of coaching for me is seeing the potential in someone, knowing that they could completely do a 180 and become that healthy, happy, active person that they dream and wish to be everyday, but hearing them make excuse after excuse of why they won't or can't change just kills me!

Sound familiar to any of you out there? Do you find yourself constantly THINKING or WISHING you were thinner, healthier, happier, or more energetic? Well guess what??!! I have the answer for you on how you can do that:

вєℓιєνє ιи уσυяѕєℓf!!!!

One of the main things that I've taken away from my personal development is that YOU and only YOU are in complete control over your life and the decisions that you make! No one can make you depressed or unhealthy, no one can tell you what you choose to spend your money on, YOU decide every single day what your priorities are in life and you CHOOSE to make excuses in certain areas of your life, because let's face it...it's a whole lot easier to do, right?

But the truth is...when you decide that you're in complete control of your life and the choices you make and are sick and tired of your own excuses, then that is when the magic happens!!

You can do whatever you put your mind to! So, don't you ever forget that!!

Tomorrow is a brand new day, so wake up with a brand new mindset! Set some positive goals and start making progress towards the YOU that you wish to be!

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