Sunday, December 7, 2014

How to get Insanity MAX:30 Before Everyone Else -- Join My Exclusive Test Group

Look what came in the mail today!!! (I didn't realize the mailmen were even delivering on Sundays...but I can't complain now!) I am so excited to start up the new Insanity Max:30 workouts tomorrow and get a head start on the beta test group that I'm going to be running after Christmas!!

I started my whole fitness journey with Shaun T's Focus T25 workouts after having my 3rd child and was instantly addicted!! I've never done insanity because honestly, the workouts just seemed a little longer and with 4 little ones, 30 minutes a day is really all I can commit to and stick with from start to finish, so this will be perfect!
For those who don't know anything about these workouts, it's set up to PUSH YOU to your limits and when you have to stop and take a break, you record your MAX'ed out time!! This way you can compare your times and actually see yourself improve and get stronger as you go!

I'm still accepting people who want to do this with me and be one of the first ever to complete this program! You can only purchase through a Beachbody Coach like myself at this time and Beachbody will be looking for the best transformation stories to feature on their infomercials and be giving away big cash prizes! Everyone who completes the program also gets a free Insanity Max:30 t-shirt and you'll have a chance to win prizes throughout your program in my private accountability group as well!! 

Don't wait until after the holidays to decide to reserve a spot in my test group, though! Chances are, it's going to fill up before Christmas!! It's the perfect gift for yourself this year! Or for that friend or family member that loves a challenge and/or wants to get in better shape!

Apply below to reserve your spot ASAP, or if you're interested in more info email me at and ask to be added to my Insanity Max:30 informational event page on facebook. 

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