Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to lose weight the healthy & FUN way!! Not much time left to join my FREE Online Health & Fitness Challenge Group!

I am so pumped up about my upcoming online health & fitness challenge group starting up next week!!! I seriously have some amazing people in there who are ready to help support and motivate one another through the next 30+ days!!!! They don
't even know what's in store for them this time around!!! I'm going to be giving this group the TOUGH LOVE that they will need to push through those tough days and am going to be guiding them every step of the way to make sure that they achieve their goals that they've shared with me... whether it's to lose weight, tone up, start eating healthier... you name it, they're going to achieve it!! And the prizes, contests and fun *extra credit activities I have in store for them are just the added bonuses to their success and transformation stories that are about to come out of this online support and accountability group!!! 

My personal goal as a coach is to get at least 1 more person ready to commit and join my group!! But I technically have room for about 4 more MAX!! This is a serious commitment and I only want people who are ready for the challenge and determined to change their eating habits and workout routines for the better over the next 30+ days!! If this sounds like something you're ready to do or want a little more info about, shoot me a quick private message asap so I can help get you all set up to begin with us next week!! You won't regret it!! ;)

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