Monday, April 14, 2014

Officially in the 3rd TRIMESTER! And I have a SURPRISE for you all!

So it's official!! I'm now into the 3rd and final trimester of this pregnancy! Wow! Where in the world is the time going? I feel like it was just yesterday that I found out we would be expecting a 4th little one to the fam!

But anyways, I have a fun and exciting announcement for those of you who enjoy my blog and want more! I decided that I wanted to get a little more interactive and personal with my friends and followers during this last trimester and start a VIDEO LOG!!  This is the trimester when things get real... the baby starts gaining about a 1/2 pound a week, it gets harder to sleep, you're peeing every 5 minutes and you're trying to make sure everything is ready for the baby to make their grande arrival!  It can be a very exciting, yet overwhelming and stressful time.  Whether it's your first or your 4th baby... it's going to be a life altering experience! 

I know I have so many friends and family members right now who are expecting little bundles and I couldn't be MORE excited for each and every one of you! It's always easier to go through pregnancy when you have pregnant friends, whether you get to actually see them and spend time with them or just relate to some of their facebook posts!  (I am lucky enough to have my beautiful sister-in-law, Laura, who is also due to have a baby girl, only 3 days before me!)  It's always more fun to have a belly buddy! Right?  

So if you don't have a belly buddy this go-round... consider me as one of them!  I hope to be able to help answer any questions that any of you may have about pregnancy, eating habits, workouts that you can do while pregnant, how to lose the baby weight once the baby is here... whatever you all want me to share, I'm ready to help in any way that I can! 

The fam! Me, the 3 kiddos, hubby and a few of the in-laws!

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