Thursday, May 22, 2014

Healthy Snack Idea! The kids will love it! Frozen Yogurt Bark with Strawberrires and Pistachios

So I just ran across this while browsing Pinterest and I had to share with you all!!

*HEALTHY* Frozen Yogurt Bark 
with Strawberries & Pistachios

Looks pretty simple to make:


*non-fat vanilla yogurt (or whatever flavor you prefer)
*strawberries chopped
*pistachios chopped


*Mix all of your ingredients in a bowl
*Lay tin foil on a cookie sheet and spread the mix on top (if it doesn't fill the whole sheet, that's okay because you're going to be breaking it up afterwards anyways)
*Cover with plastic wrap and stick it in the freezer until it's frozen (I would recommend an hour MINIMUM, but just feel it out)
*Once completely frozen, crack it into pieces and ENJOY! :)

**And don't be afraid to play with the ingredients a little bit. I ran across a few recipes where they chose to use dark chocolate chips, blueberries, granola... use your imagination and try to keep it healthy and fun! 

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