Thursday, March 27, 2014

Edible Finger Paint for Kids!

Why in the world have I never thought of this before? I'm always looking up new creative recipes for finger paints that I can make for my little ones, which is safe to eat, because let's face it... if you're dealing with a little one under the age of 2... their fingers or paintbrush are going to find their way into the mouth! 
So instead of making some crazy concoction with corn starch or boiling water to use jello packets, I saw these snack packs staring at me in the pantry and thought... hmmm the kids don't seem too interested in these since they've been sitting in here for weeks now... why not throw in a little food coloring and put it to good use!? 
So that's exactly what I did! And while I can't get my kids to eat it out of the container... they sure were enjoying it once it was transformed into a pretty, colorful, finger paint! GENIUS! So not only did we get a little creativity and art time in today, but snack time was taken care of too! haha Just kidding!

Hope you enjoy this super-simple edible finger paint pudding recipe:

- a vanilla/tapioca pudding snack pack
- food coloring

TA DA! (and I love how the little containers are already perfect little paint containers... no work necessary here!)

Here are some other fun DIY and creative crafts to do at home with your kids:

(tutorial included for Windows Movie Maker Program)

Please feel free to share any of your own great ideas in the comments below!! :)

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