Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An educational ABC's video for Kids! With Tutorial to make your own!

This is a creative video that I made for my 2-year-old to learn his ABC's! (And believe me...I am no computer savvy tech mom) He absolutely LOVES it and has almost learned his whole alphabet now! The best part is... if you have a lap top with Windows Movie Maker, you and your kids could make your very own ABC video as well!  It really wasn't hard at all! 

Video Tutorial:
This is really all it took to make this video:

1. Google some images or use your own pictures from your computer for each letter (I tried to use at least 3-5 different pictures for each letter)

2. Save each googled image to a *New folder (name it ABC video or something to make it easier to find)

3. Open your Windows Movie Maker, click Add Photos/Videos at the top of your screen (far left), find your folder, select your images and open.  It automatically will lay them out for you, and a secret that will make your life so much easier... when you're saving your pictures, name the pictures just as they are (if it's a picture of an apple, Save As: Apple)  That way, your pictures will already all be in order and you won't have re-arrange them.   There is even a button at the top that says AUTOMOVIE, which if you push, the program automatically throws in the transitions for you, and enables you to easily add your title, captions, etc in there.

4. Add your voice narration.  I just started playing the video, opened my sound recorder (go to Start-All Programs-Accessories-Sound recorder)  Save your voice-over somewhere you will remember how to find it and then go back to your Movie Maker program, open project, find your audio file and add it right into your video. 

5. If you have a laptop with a disk reader, then chances are, you can pop in a DVD-R (recordable) and burn the video onto a disk so that you can play it in a dvd player for your child.

My son loves to just sit and watch it over and over and I don't feel bad about it because it's educational and he's beginning to understand the letters of the alphabet! I asked him the other day what words start with A and he named apple and alligator, then did it with B and he goes BATMAN!!! For a 2-year-old (almost 3) he is doing great just by watching this video! It was fun too, because he helped me make it also.  He sat with me by the computer and helped me pick out the animals and things he wanted to feature on the video.  (hence the Batman, Spiderman and Dora in there)  

  It's not only great for making educational videos for your kids, but it's great for documenting videos of their childhood by making movies you can watch on tv with the whole family, or make a slideshow for your grandpa on his 80th birthday!  I hope you enjoy this ABC's video and feel free to ask me any questions you may have if your interested in learning more about the movie maker program!!  Have a great day! :)

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