Thursday, January 20, 2011

Need a Creative Baby Shower Gift?

Pregnant? Have a friend whose pregnant? Throwing a baby shower? Stumped on what to give to stand out at the shower? Well, let me just tell you... I have received 2 of these (one at my first baby shower and one for my second child) and they were by far the most creative gifts I received.  Not to mention, it included lots of fun necessities that I am still using to this day with both of my boys!  My good friend, Jami, recently got into making these GORGEOUS & ADORABLE Diaper Cakes!  They are great as gifts, but it's also great if you want a cute centerpiece to display at your own baby shower!  And once your baby is out and ready to use up some of those diapers, you have enough to last you quite a while (saving your mama-to-be lots of $ because we know how expensive diapers can get).  And the most fun part of it all is that you can tell her what sort of theme you want and she can arrange it to match the baby's nursery, or whatever theme you want.  The pricing all depends on the size of the "cake", how many baby products you want to include in the cake, how much time in advance she gets, etc.  While it may not look like a whole lot is included, there are tons of goodies (baby shampoos, lotions, vaseline, washcloths, and what-not hidden in the center of the cake.  This is something you have complete control over though.  Whether you want to spend $40 or $200, it's completely up to you!  If this is something you're interested in hearing more about, feel free to contact Jami Perkins at  Shoot her a quick email and let her know that you found out about her through Crystal!

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