Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Months to Plan My Dream Wedding!

So as you may already know from reading some of my previous blog posts, me and my fiance have done everything backwards! We got engaged, had a baby, bought our first house together, had another baby and now we have finally set a date to be married in the church! Since we have been engaged forever and already have children, we decided we didn't want to do the whole year-long wedding planning!  Since life is already hectic with two kids, let's make it ever more crazy by giving ourselves less than 5 months to plan a wedding!
It's definitely 'do able', it's just been difficult because a lot of the venues, photographers, etc are already booked for our wedding date.
Luckily, my future mother-in-law is going to be helping me out a lot! Between the two of us, we found two nice hotels with available space for a reception.  We have appointments set to check out the Marriott on Wednesday and then the Hilton on Friday, so I'm hoping one of these will work and we can get the ball rolling.  I'm not that worried about finding a reception venue, but I'm getting a bit nervous about finding a good photographer!  My two favorites that I've found so far were way too expensive, but I loved their work!
It's just so ironic to me that we've been engaged for like 3 years, and yet we are going to end up getting last pick of what we want because we've decided we just don't want to wait another few months to get the best available options!  Oh well...it's going to be fun and everything will work out great, I'm sure of it! I could definitely use advice though! And when do I need to send out invites? Oh man, oh man... it's getting way too late for my brain to even function at this point, and the baby will probably wake up right as I snuggle up into bed and I'll be up bright and early when the 2 year old runs into my room yelling "get up, mommy, wake up!" Goodnight! :) xoxo

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