Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Are We Teaching Little Girls?

Okay, so I saw this video on youtube the other day and instantly had a rush of mixed emotions about it.  Since I come from a cheerleading/gymnastics background myself, the outfits weren't as big of a shocker as they may be to most people at first glance.  My little sister wore a similar cheerleading outfit at a much younger age and I thought it was adorable.  But as I continued to watch this video, the little girls began moving their hips and shaking their little buns in ways that I can't even do at age 25 (and I was a cheerleader at Virginia Tech for 3 years).  

While these little girls are extremely talented dancers who show tremendous skill and technique throughout their routine, I just find many of the moves a bit provocative for their age group.  What are we teaching these little girls at such a young age?  And as I mentioned before, the outfits weren't an issue at all for me in the beginning, but I think once some of these dance moves are executed in the little short skirt and the bra-sized tops, it gives the whole outfit more of a scandalous look and less of a dance attire look.  Now if these girls were over 18 years old, I would just assume they were the next Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and wouldn't think twice about it.  

What about their parents?  What are they teaching their little girls by getting them all dressed up (or lack thereof), covered in make-up, fake tans and cheering them on while they thrust their hips in the air and toward their fellow dancers on a stage in front of hundreds of people.  And now the video has been viewed over a million times on youtube, and I guarantee not all of those views were from people who would be considered appropriate, according to these children's parents.  With the number of pedophiles on the internet and people with bad intentions, this video is almost asking for the wrong kind of attention.

I was just curious on what other people's thoughts on this video were.  Am I overreacting?

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