Thursday, February 20, 2014

Are You Living Your Dream or Just Going Through the Motions?

Are you one of those people whose just going through the motions everyday to get by in life? You go to work Monday through Friday so you can get a paycheck at the end of the week to pay your bills and then in the blink of an eye, your weekend is over and you're forced to do it all over again the next week? Well, unfortunately if you said yes, you're not alone! So many people today fall into this depressing cycle.

Now I want you to just take a second and think.  Think about how short this life really is.  Think about when this life is over... if you were to look back at your life and what you did with it... would you be satisfied?!  Would you look at it and say, WOW, I really enjoyed my life and did what I WANTED TO DO with MY LIFE!  Or would you look back at a broken record... the same miserable days at work... counting down the minutes until you could leave and come home to your family, only to be too exhausted to really do anything that you truly wanted to do once you got home?  What if I told you that you are the only one who can change this... and it is possible!

It makes me sad, because I know so many people who are stuck in this repetitive cycle of unhappiness.  They think it's too late to make dramatic changes in their life or that they can't afford to just up and quit their miserable job because they need the money... but the truth is, you can change anything and everything about your life that doesn't make you happy!  Now maybe you really can't afford to just go quit your job and move to the beach because you have a family to support and bills to pay, but surely there are dreams that you have and goals that you would still someday love to accomplish... but you just haven't had the belief in yourself or the motivation to start working towards it!  I've even felt this way before... I know some of us have big dreams and they can seem impossible or seem like too much work to get there, but often times we give up before we even begin.  So the hardest part is digging deep within yourself and deciding that YOU are worth believing in!!  

The only difference between you and Steve Jobs, or you and Walt Disney or whoever you think lived out their dreams and was successful and happy doing it... the only difference between you and them is that they decided to follow their passion and believe in themselves no matter who doubted them or how many times they heard that they would never be able to accomplish their dreams... they made a decision to stray off this path where everyone thinks you have to go to college, get your degree, get a nice job in an office somewhere, get your work done, get paid, pay bills, repeat next week.  They took risks and they failed many times in the process of finding success, but they never gave up and they lived lives that some of us will only dream of.  

So think about it.  What is your true passion.  When you were a kid... where did you see yourself by this point in your life?  Are you doing exactly what you hoped you'd be doing?  If so, then that is amazing and I am so happy for you!  But if you're one of those people who is wondering where the time has gone and what you've really accomplished so far... it's time to throw out the "Rule Book" and start making changes each day (no matter how big or small), that will lead you in the direction of your dreams!  And I'm going to share this website with you, that has really helped me a lot in recognizing what exactly my dreams are and how I could even begin to start moving in the direction towards achieving these dreams. It's called The 30 Day Push!  This challenge was made by Chalene Johnson, who has been super-successful at accomplishing many of her own goals and has turned her passion into an amazing career, while also helping others find ways to accomplish their own dreams and goals in life!

As many of you know, I have found a way to turn some of my own passions into a career, by becoming a Beachbody Coach. Now I'm sure most of you probably don't know much about being a coach, but long story short... I'm able to combine my passions for being the healthiest, most fit version of myself while making an income to help support my family simply by helping others lead a healthier, more active lifestyle and even providing them with the opportunity to become a part of my growing team and start building their very own business from home. This job provides people with the potential to someday quit their day jobs and stay at home with their children or even future children.  

This business has been a serious eye-opener for me in so many ways! I have met so many amazing new people, who bring so much positive energy into my life, everyday! There are so many men and women in this business who have accomplished SO MUCH in quite a short period of time and it really shows me the amazing opportunity that this business provides for it's coaches.  One day (mark my words), I am going to be able to take my family on trips to places that some people only dream of.  I am going to change people's lives and help some of my fellow mom's out there quit their full time office jobs so that they can stay at home with their kids and spend more quality time with them. I'm going to leave my mark here on this Earth, even when I'm gone and I'm going to live this life to the very fullest, with NO REGRETS!!! Whose with me?

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