Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Be Stronger Than Your Strongest Excuse

Okay, I'm not going to preach and act like I've never used excuses when it comes to working out or eating healthy, because I have and I still do sometimes, but I'm a work in progress, just like all of you!  I used to use my kids as an excuse... which at times, seemed totally valid.  With 3 of them, especially, some days it does seem nearly impossible to fit in even a moment to sit and relax, much less take a half hour to sweat my butt off and get in a good workout.  But you know what I've realized over the last few months?...

1. I can choose to sacrifice a little shut-eye and wake up 30 minutes before the kids and fit in a workout or even do it after their bedtime.  Do I always feel like doing that? No... not when I could use the extra sleep or time to relax... but that's an excuse! I COULD do it during those time, but many times find an excuse not to.

2.  I used to think that I would be "screwing myself" by waking up earlier or working out during nap time, because then I'd be even more tired and barely find the energy to make it through the day with my little one. Boy was I wrong!! You'd be surprised at how much energy a simple 30 minute workout can give you to kick start your day! Especially when I drink my Shakeology afterwards... instant boost of energy!! And I instantly feel more motivated to run around with the kids and do more fun things with them throughout the rest of the day!

So these are just 2 of the many things that I've realized over the past months.  And being 20 weeks pregnant, I still find excuses not to workout some day or why I can "cheat" on my healthy eating and give into some not-so-healthy cravings, but I can tell you one thing... this pregnancy has been the easiest one so far.  No morning sickness, no iron-deficiency anemia, no skipping out on breakfast and way more energy!!

So what's your strongest excuse when it comes to getting more active and choosing healthier food alternatives??  And now consider how you WANT to feel, how you want to LOOK and how you want to LIVE!!  Now which is more important to you?  That lame excuse or the potential life that you could be living?!

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