Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No More Iron Deficiency Anemia During this Pregnancy! What I changed...

So, as some of you may know, throughout my first 3 pregnancies I was considered extremely anemic.  My iron levels were very low, I had very little energy and I had to take two iron supplements a day all throughout my pregnancies, as well as the year after while I was nursing.  While the supplements helped increase the level of iron in my blood, it also left me feeling nauseous, bloated and (sorry TMI) constipated.  

On top of all of the other not-so-fabulous symptoms of pregnancy, these just made me even more uncomfortable. My babies were taking a lot of my daily nutrients while in the belly, leaving me running on empty most of the time (which those of you with more than one child, know that you need every ounce of energy you can get to keep up with little ones everyday)

So, now fast forward to this pregnancy!  I got my blood work back a couple weeks ago and even went to the store to stock up on more iron supplements to start taking once I got the calls from the doctor's with my results.  It was routine at this point, so I waited and waited for the phone call.  Hmmm... never got one! So I figured maybe they just decided to let me know at my next appointment.  So when I came in and they told me my blood work all came back normal, I was confused?! 


I asked the doctor, which a look of confusion on my face. "Nope, iron levels are normal," said the doc.  WOW! I started to wonder what in the world was different this time around than the last!  The only real thing that I've changed in this pregnancy is: 

1. I try to exercise a little more and stay more active and 
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*I drink this meal replacement shake once a day, called Shakeology (which if you read my blog, I'm sure you know a little bit about by now).  You can read the 'About Me' section to kind of get a recap of how I found out about it and when I got started with it.  

SHAKEOLOGY is PACKED with so much vitamins and nutrients, that I don't even have to take a prenatal vitamin (only extra folic acid, since it's doesn't have the required amount for pregnant/nursing women). 

 Not to mention, I've noticed that since I normally drink it for breakfast, it gives me that boost of energy first thing in the morning to get up and get going with my other 3 kiddos. 

I had heard of it helping with lowering blood sugar, getting people off their diabetes medications, getting rid of MS and Fibromyalgia symptoms and helping out with a lot of other health issues, but I had no clue it could play a role in my anemia.  WOO HOO!  So far, this is by far the easiest pregnancy I've had.  I honestly don't even feel pregnant yet and I'm almost 19 weeks along! I sure can't complain about that... by the time I really realize that I'm pregnant, I'll already be halfway done! :)  

Sorry, long post, I know... but I just wanted to give an update on my blood work this go round in hopes that maybe it can help someone else in a similar situation.  Happy Tuesday y'all!!


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  1. It’s wonderful to hear about that. I’m glad to know that everything went great with your pregnancy. I just hope that both you and the baby are faring really well these days. Thanks for sharing that! Wishing you and your family the best of health!

    Cody White @ Dr. Chris Fraser's Clinic